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5 Top Curiosity News That Happened for Last Week

# 1 Guinness Record: the Oldest Person to Dive

Ray Woolley, a 95-year-old man, set the record for the oldest person in the world to dive. The veteran of World War II threw himself into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Cyprus.

Ray remained underwater for 44 minutes and managed to descend to 40.6 meters. Therefore, the man exceeded his previous record: 41 minutes and 38.1 meters, which he established when he was 94 years old.

# 2 White Reindeer Appears in Norway

Maks Nordsveen captured stunning photos of a white reindeer in northern Norway. The photographer was traveling with friends in Senja when he met the beautiful reindeer, who left the forest with his mother.

The white reindeer found by Nordsveen is not albino but undergoes a genetic mutation that removes pigment from its fur. This mutation is very rare, so the photographer can consider himself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph so close a copy of that color.

# 3 Vagabundo Finds $ 17,000 and Decides to Donate Them

Kevin Booth found a brown bag on the floor, outside the bread box that the Sumner food bank had left on the street for the homeless. When he looked inside the bag, he saw that it was full of money; so he handed it to a food bank volunteer.

5 Top Curiosity News

To thank Booth for his honesty, the food bank is giving him some of the money in gift cards as a reward. But, why did he give the money instead of keeping it? Booth told the police that he knew that giving money to the food bank would benefit more people than just him. That’s why the police awarded him an honorable mention.

# 4 Crocodile Arrives for Wedding Photos

A huge crocodile appears in the photo of a couple, who do not realize the danger that is a few meters away. The photograph captures the romantic moment of the couple in Palm Cove (Queensland), and in the background, the crocodile is approaching the bride, while walking along the river.

Although it seems scary, it was revealed that it was a photomontage made by photographer Ian Stone and published in Posh Photography.

# 5 Video of the Week: Horse Visits Hospitals as a Therapist

Peyo is a therapy horse that gives smiles and encouragement to those who need it most. It is not like other horses, as it offers a kind presence to some of the sicker patients.
The staff says that the visits are part of an initiative called Les Sabots du Coeur, which has had a “positive effect among residents.


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