Tea Lover Legally Changes His Name to His Favorite Brand

Tea Lover Legally Changes His Name: Nathan Derek Garner decided to legally change his name, just to show how much he loves tea. The British drinks around 20 cups of Yorkshire tea on an average day; He has been a drink lover since he was 12 years old when his grandfather introduced to him.

Tea Lover Legally Changes His Name

Garner made the decision to legally change his middle name to Yorkshire Tea in August after his friend made a comment about how much he liked tea.
He explained: “I was at work and my friend Billi told me:” You drink so much tea, you should change your name to Yorkshire Tea “. Then I thought it was a very good idea and I started with the paperwork.

Tea Lover Legally Changes His Name

The company where Garner worked uploaded his photo to Twitter 

after his name officially changed to Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner.

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