A Man Proposed Marriage With 6 Rings for His Girlfriend

A man proposed marriage with 6 rings for his girlfriend to choose the prettiest. Many men worry at the time that asking for marriage is something memorable and romantic at the same time. Choose the flowers, some special place, and the ideal ring. But a man has searched for a way for his girlfriend to have the best engagement ring possible. How did he do it?

Man Proposed Marriage

Not knowing which ring to use for the proposal and if his girlfriend, Dennis Brown II, will like it, he better prepared with 6 engagement rings.

The groom knelt and opened a heart-shaped box with six rings for his girlfriend to choose the one she liked the most.

Man Proposed Marriage

Dennis Brown II hired an event organizer, stylist, photographer, florist, and clothing designer to make sure everything went well.

The proposal soon went viral, and people called it “beautiful,” “perfect,” “epic,” “priceless,” and “exceptional.”

Others complained that the marriage proposals were going up to a higher level.

By the way, the bride chose the teardrop ring, in case you were with the earring.


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