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Here Are Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

It’s no breaking news that calories are created differently (at least, not all of them). What I’m sure will make you happy is the fact that there are delicious foods that can help you lose some weight – a great news for some of us. Think about it, what causes weight increase?

Here Are Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast


You eat more calories than you burn, so, to lose some weight, you do the opposite, consume fewer calories than you burn. We’ve gathered some food that can help you lose weight and more, some of them can also help enhance your metabolism, this is after a qualitative research. They include:


I’m sure this looks strange to you, not to worry, all you need to do is start with a cup of soup, that way you will end up eating less. No matter the texture/state of the soup, all it has to be is Broth-based, it will do the job perfectly. Mind you, it’s important to keep the calories of the soup within the range of 100 – 160. This will surely help you lose weight in no time.

Leafy Greens

Some examples of Leafy green include Spinach, Collards, Kale and some other ones. Why are these vegetables important? it’s simply because of the fact that they contain some properties that make them a great option for those who want to lose weight. One of which includes low carbohydrates, calories, and one other important thing is the volume of fiber that you have in each one of them.

To go further, in each of these vegetables, you have Vitamins and Minerals, calcium and antioxidants – still don’t know what that means? These are the nutrients that help to quicken weight loss, just by helping to burn fat. A pure weight loss diet.

Dark Chocolate

Yes! I get to indulge in my bad habit while I try to lose some weight! One of the major problems people have now is caused by the myth that to lose weight, it has to be through the consumption of some bitter stuff, which I won’t say is totally wrong, but that won’t help, think about it?

You can lose some weight just by consuming dark chocolate, but you have to make sure you stay away from the milky version – not all chocolate can do the trick. To make it more effective, take it in between your daily meal.


We all know that eating fish is really healthy, but to lose weight, eat more of Salmon, trust me, this fish is really healthy, you fill satisfied consuming this fish, to top that, it also contains fewer calories. Some of the nutrients it has included top quality protein, healthy fats. To lose weight, you need some nutrients to help with thyroid function, I’m sure you that’s important to help keep your metabolism working the right way.

Salmon has the right volume of Omega 3 fatty acids that are responsible for reducing inflammation (inflammation give rise to some metabolic diseases and obesity) if you are looking for other healthy fish to do the trick, you can go for Trout, Sardines, Herring and Mackerel.


Consuming egg especially with sausage are protein-rich foods that help to reduce your cravings for snacks which are known to play a major role in causing obesity. Speaking of diets, the boiled egg diet is one that can do the magic. According to the testimonials from users, they say it works exceptionally.

Vegetables (especially the pureed one)

This list won’t be complete without vegetables. It’s simple, all you have to do is add vegetables to your diet, if you do, then, it’s time to add more. The most important thing is to eat fewer calories while you eat your veggies. According to a research that was carried out by Penn State, adding zucchini and pureed cauliflower to mac and cheese, people still loved the diet, the interesting part though was that they were consuming 200 – 350 fewer calories. Which means the veggies added the low-calorie effect to the entire dish.

Chicken Breast and Lean Beef

Just like Dark Chocolate, I’m sure you find Leen Beef and Chicken Breast on this list shocking, well, it’s not your fault, truth be told, meat generally has been painted evil unfairly. Blamed for different health issues, Meat has been moved to the back seat, the painful part is the majority of these claims can’t be backed up with facts.

To be balanced too, processed meats are really unhealthy, what you have on this list is the unprocessed one (which is totally healthy and does not play any role in diabetes and heart-related diseases.


There are some beans that help to enhance your weight loss process, not just beans though, there are some other legumes that do the same thing too. To be clear, I’m talking about black beans, lentils, and kidney beans, not saying that these are all the beans that help with weight loss, there are some other ones that do same too.

The secret behind this is the fact that they contain a high level of fiber and protein (these two leads to satiety), they also contain resistant starch. To enjoy, make sure you prepare them properly.

Consuming these foods will surely help to reduce weight, these are all gradual processes except for the boiled egg diet, there some machines that also help with weight loss, a great example would be NordicTrack elliptical machine.

This machine plays a major role in helping to burn a calorie. When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to note that expending more calories through metabolism and activities is key. That’s why I will advise you to not just rely on the consumption of these foods, you should also work out on this machine, it’s a form of aerobic, a very efficient way to burn calories.


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