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The Comparisons Between Vikings and Game of Thrones Fair

Comparisons Between Vikings and Game of Thrones Fair: Since the Vikings debuted in 2013, the inevitable comparisons with Game of Thrones have followed season after season. Although Vikings is a historical fiction, both series are developed in the past and focus on the power struggle. Now Clive Standen, who plays Rollo, has given his opinion on this televised battle.

Comparisons Between Vikings and Game of Thrones Fair

“It’s a little unfair, really Game of Thrones is a fantasy series, it has dragons and all that comes from a man’s imagination,” Standen said in an interview for Fox News when questioned about comparisons with the series based in the novels of George RR Martin.

“However, Vikings is a historical drama, it is documented, it covers a very, very broad spectrum of history, but these are real characters who lived, breathed and walked the earth, they are all worthy of appearing in the history books “, the actor qualified.

The interpreter continued defending the History series. ” We are not going to have dragons flying, I think it’s the first time that Viking history has done justice, ” he said. “You’ve looked from the inside out, with the kind of people the Vikings are, with their gods and monsters and the pagan religion, sometimes it seems quite fantastic.” This is what they really believed in. They believed that the gods walked the I think it’s good to be able to show the Vikings in their splendor, “he explained.

However, it was the creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst, who compared his fiction with that of HBO, assuring that he was a “mature version”. “Vikings really deal with death, with big problems, it’s not just fun, I hope it’s entertaining, but it takes a deep look at important issues and that makes a difference,” said Hirst.

Vikings are currently broadcasting the second part of its fifth season. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones fans look forward to April 2019, the month set for the premiere of the eighth and final installment of the popular fiction.


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