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How to Make Christmas Bells With Nespresso Capsules

The Christmas bells are one of the most traditional and popular ornaments to decorate our home and, above all, the Christmas tree on this holiday. Would you like to know how to create them yourself at home? In a How we bring you a simple and original craft with recycled material for you to try to make Christmas bells with Nespresso capsules. The final result is surprising. Go ahead and have a fun time making beautiful homemade Christmas decorations.

Christmas Bells

How to Make Christmas Bells

You Will Need To:

  • Nespresso capsules in golden color
  • Golden rope or cord
  • Silver balls
  • Scissors
  • Red ribbon

Steps To Follow:

1. The first step to making these original Christmas bells is to take two golden Nespresso capsules, remove the coffee residue and make sure they are clean. To remove the coffee, help yourself with a small spoon, then rinse them with a little water and you will be ready to start making our Christmas decorations.

Christmas Bells

2. Once they are well cleaned, the next thing is to make a small hole in the upper part of the Nespresso capsules with scissors. It is important that you make the hole through the inside of the capsules to prevent them from breaking. Look at the image to do it correctly.

Christmas Bells

3. To hang these beautiful bells on our Christmas tree, you need a cord or rope of the color that you like the most. In this case, we have chosen a gold-tone cord as well. Insert the cord through the two holes of the capsules so that both are joined.

Christmas Bells

4. Now that the Christmas bells are more real and original, add two silver balls at the lower ends of the cord and tie a knot so that they do not come off. Make other knots a little higher to make the top and the cord is the distance we want.

Christmas Bells

5. To finish this Christmas craft, we are going to give it a more Christmas touch even with a nice red bow. Use a red ribbon to make it, simply knot the cord by joining the two coffee capsules and make the loop. As simple as that! In a very short time, you will have created some Christmas bells with Nespresso capsules ideal to decorate the tree and complete the decoration of your home on this holiday.

Christmas Bells


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