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How to Celebrate Spending Christmas Away From Home

Christmas Away From Home: There are many ways to spend Christmas and away from home, it is always an option. There are plans for all budgets, from spending Christmas with your family or friends in a rural house to spending it in the Americas, for example in the magical city of New York. It is also the time when you can travel to the Holy Land or let your imagination fly in some Nordic country.

Christmas Away From Home

How to Spend Christmas Away From Home

Keep reading because in a Como we suggest a few interesting alternatives if you want to spend Christmas away from home. Which one do you prefer?

Christmas Away From Home

New York, Where Everything Smells Like Christmas

One of the most possibly “Christmas” destinations is New York. From its traditional lighting, the city is full of tourists to celebrate Christmas. You can stroll along Fifth Avenue, visit some of its most important museums, the Metropolitan or take a Christmas brunch while listening to gospel music. Another option is to skate at the Rockefeller Center or see a musical on Broadway. Maybe you’ll be lucky and match some famous for its streets …!

Christmas Away From Home

Cuba or the Sun’s Paradise

If you want to receive Christmas in a country where the sun reigns, the destination you’re looking for maybe Cuba. We suggest you take a walk along the beaches of Varadero, take a mojito lying in a hammock and stroll through the streets of Havana, remembering the smell of salt from the boardwalk. Discover a country full of contrasts that will make you fall in love. At this time of year, there are vacation packages at a good price. If you opt for this destination, do not forget to visit Trinidad, one of the best-preserved cities of old Cuba.

Christmas Away From Home

Eurodisney: Enjoy Christmas as a Child

Christmas also arrives at the Eurodisney park, where you can travel and be carried away by the magic of its characters. Its streets are dressed in Christmas, with lights and Christmas decorations that will transport you to another world. In addition, you can also have an appointment with Santa Claus and that your children live the illusion of taking a picture with him. Another attraction of the park at this time is its traditional Christmas cavalcade, where all its characters will walk the streets of the park to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Away From Home

Jerusalem, the Historical Cradle of Christmas

If what you really want is to enter the cradle of history and know the origin of Christmas, there is no better destination than Jerusalem. The city, these days more than ever, dress up in Christmas and go through its streets these days, like the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher or the Wailing Wall have an even more special meaning. Forget prejudices and travel to the Holy Land to relive one of the most interesting chapters in our history.

Christmas Away From Home

Copenhagen, the City With the Oldest Amusement Park in Europe

If what you want is to spend Christmas away from home, Copenhagen is an incredible option. Its snowy streets will take you through a magical city, where you will relive your childhood in Tivoli Park, the oldest amusement park in Europe, where its attractions and ornaments will also be dressed for Christmas. You can also take advantage to enjoy a dinner in its Nhavn port or spend a day shopping in Stroget street.

Christmas Away From Home

Marrakech, a Cocktail for the Senses

A very special place to travel at Christmas is Marrakech. If what you are really looking for is an exotic place and a contrast of cultures, this is your destiny. There you can do a thousand things: from losing yourself in its souks, the traditional markets of spices, fabrics, leather … to enjoy a mint tea in one of its many tearooms. Do not forget to try the couscous, the tajín (a typical Moroccan dish) and its dates. Do not forget to visit the old medina, go to the modern city, lose yourself in its streets and let yourself be carried away by its characteristic smell of leather and sandalwood. It is a perfect destination to go for 3 days, so if you do not have much time, this is another great reason to visit Marrakech!

Christmas Away From Home

Enjoy Christmas in a Rural House

If the previous plans do not fit in your pocket, you can always spend Christmas away from home making other plans: you can spend Christmas in a rural house with friends or family. There is a great offer of houses and rural hotels where you can spend Christmas. There you can meet with your family and friends and enjoy a day cooking together or walking around. There are cottages for all budgets, so you will surely find yours.

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