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How to Easily Make Vintage Christmas Balls Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Balls The vintage style is very fashionable lately and at Christmas, we can also make decorations using this style. If you have Christmas balls at home that you do not like anymore and you were going to throw them away … do not do it! In unComo.com we give you a very original idea. You will only need pieces of sheet music that you will glue on the balls and you will get magnificent vintage Christmas balls.

Vintage Christmas Balls

How to Make Vintage Christmas Balls

You Will Need To:

  • Christmas balls
  • sheet music
  • Brush
  • Tail or varnish
  • scissors

Steps To Follow:

1. A very original and fun way to make vintage Christmas balls is to use old fabrics that you have at home. We will cut them in the shape of a diamond and we will stick them to the ball from bottom to top. The fabric should have a vintage touch and Christmas colors to make it look better.

Vintage Christmas Balls

2. A simpler way is to make a cardboard shape and put a bow so that it can hang from the tree, it is a simpler decoration but it will give a very vintage touch to the decoration of the tree.

Vintage Christmas Balls

3. The simplest way to make vintage Christmas balls is to line your old ornaments with newspaper and put some paper varnish to give them a more aged touch and that’s it. With this simple combination, you will have some original Christmas balls.

Vintage Christmas Balls

4. As you have seen in the previous steps, vintage Christmas balls are usually decorated with a piece of paper with a desire for prosperity or any phrase that reminds us of Christmas, this will give a vintage touch to the ball. This is very easy to buy an aged paper and cut it in the way you like it, make a hole in the tip and tie it to the Christmas ball.

Vintage Christmas Balls

5. In this article you have seen several ideas to make vintage Christmas ornaments, if you want to share with us other ideas or techniques you can do it from the comments section of this page, a little further down or also keep reading articles about handicrafts with recycled materials for Christmas.

Vintage Christmas Balls

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