The US Threatens to Suspend Nuclear Agreement With Russia in 60 Days

The US Threatens to Suspend Nuclear Agreement: The State Department criticized that Russia maintains that it wants to “preserve the treaty”, despite “not having given any sign that it wants to respect its compliance”

Suspend Nuclear Agreement

The Government threatened today to suspend the treaty of elimination of nuclear missiles of medium and short scope (INF) in a term of 60 days if Russia does not commit “to its complete and verifiable compliance”.

“Today the United States has declared that Russia has committed a violation of the INF. Unless Russia returns to its full and verifiable compliance, we will suspend our treaty obligations in the next 60 days,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert announced.

The INF, initialed by both countries in 1987, was the first agreement to reduce nuclear arsenals and led to the elimination in 1991 of all medium and short-range ballistic and cruise missiles of both powers, a key step to ending the tensions of the Cold War.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry accused the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin of “having repeatedly changed” his excuses in order to justify the alleged violations.

“For more than four years, Russia denied the existence of missiles and did not give any information about it, despite the fact that the US sent it information about the location of the tests and about the name of the companies involved in its development,” he says. the note.

The State Department criticized, also, that Russia maintains that it wants to “preserve the treaty”, despite “not having given any sign that it wishes to respect its compliance”.

President Donald Trump announced on October 20 that he would end this treaty due to the constant violations by the Kremlin, although this warning did not materialize.

Both countries concentrate in total more than 90% of the nuclear weapons of the planet and signed in 2011 a new START disarmament treaty so that by 2018 the warheads they possess are at their lowest level since the 1950s.


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