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How to Make a Christmas Santa Boot or Socks To Easily

How to Make a Christmas Santa Boot: The boots or socks Christmas is a holiday tradition from the world Anglo – Saxon, like Christmas crackers, but now is already widespread by many other countries. They usually hang in the fireplace, the Christmas tree or some other visible place so that inside Santa Claus or Santa Claus deposit our gifts. If you also want to place them in your home, in this article, we explain how to make a Christmas boot.

How to Make a Christmas Santa Boot

You Will Need To:

  • Pattern
  • Red and white felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread / Cola or hot silicone
  • Tape

Steps To Follow:

1. To make your Christmas boot, you can choose between a large amount of design, even so, in this article, we will show you the steps to make a classic Christmas sock. For this, you will need red and white felt.

2. The first thing you should do is draw a template in the form of a boot or download a pattern from the Internet, such as the one enclosed here. You can play with your size and make different Christmas boots for each member of the family.

3. Next, you will have to cut the template or pattern of your Christmas sock so that you can draw it on the red and white felt.

4. It is necessary that for each boot that you are going to make, draw two felt boots to join them together and thus they may contain gifts.

5. Next, cut the felt along the marked line.

6.  You will have two alternatives to join both parts of the Christmas boot:

  • Sew it with red and white thread.
  • Stick it with glue or hot silicone.

In case you do not have much skill with the needle and the thread, choose to join them with some type of special felt adhesive or a hot silicone gun.

7. Once you have joined both parts of the sock or boot, you should then turn it over so that the seams or glue bond cannot be seen.

8. To add the white part to the upper part of the boot, you can also follow the same method: sew or cast.

9. With the aim of hanging the Christmas sock in your fireplace, tree or the place you prefer, you must add a ribbon or bow to your boot. Choose the size of the ribbon depending on where you are going to place your Christmas boot.

10. Also, you can choose to add ornaments to Christmas socks or even customize them with the name of each family member. To do this, use felt of other colors and glue or cóselo on your Christmas boot.

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