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Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas Employees Will Love

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas: Every year, at the same time, as a business owner or manager, you ask yourself how the next Christmas party should be organized. Should it be a traditional celebration, when the whole team meets in a restaurant and then goes to the Christmas market or should it be something else? There are many beautiful and above all individual Christmas party ideas with which you can thank your hard-working team in a special way.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

So you can altogether spend an exciting and entertaining celebration. If you are still looking for a suitable motto, the following are ten Christmas party ideas and more information the perfect inspiration for you. Let yourself be inspired a little.


Ten Ideas for the Christmas Party

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

1: Santa Claus Is a Must!

How about inviting Santa Claus, who brings your employees during the Christmas party, because not only small children are happy about his appearance. He could, for example, tell funny stories from the past year and then distribute gifts. Even an angel pleases the staff with funny and exciting stories and can contribute to the successful Christmas party.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

2: Special Menu for Your Employees

Cooking together contributes to the bond and is also used in the normal working day to strengthen the team spirit. This also applies to the organization of the Christmas party. When your co-workers cook together a delicious menu, you can divide them into groups to prepare appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Even a cooking duel can be an exciting idea for the Christmas party. You can even plan and design such a celebration without further help. Just look for matching recipes and organize the table decoration. The rest is self-evident.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas


3: Experience a Christmas Party as a Krimidinner

You are one of the courageous bosses? Then you could also organize a celebration that is different from conventional ones. For example, transform the party into an oasis of sand, sun loungers and palm trees. Bright lamps provide the right light and coconut scent moves the employees to the South Seas. In addition, you select a few summer hits. Mixed drinks and food, which are otherwise only available in distant countries, whisk the workforce for a few hours into sunny climes.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

4: Celebrate in Extraordinary Places

To celebrate in extraordinary places is also a varied idea. So you can meet your employees in a different relaxed atmosphere, which is located outside the company building. There are many alternatives that you can use. You can rent a room in a wine cellar or in a brewery. Even the hall in a castle is perfect for this purpose. It is quite unconventional if you want to celebrate in a zoo or in a theme park. The slightly different atmosphere ensures that you feel comfortable and the Christmas party to a special experience.

5: Record a Common CD

It is also possible to record a joint CD with the entire workforce. The employees can let off steam imaginatively and creatively and record a CD during the celebration. This possibility will inevitably lead you to an unforgotten evening. So you can listen to the CD in the following years and reminisce together.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

6: Magic a Sunny Feeling

Every working person knows the traditional Christmas party in a restaurant. But if it gets more exciting, so is a Krimidinner, which is offered in many cities as an alternative to the normal celebration. You and your staff will experience a thrilling thriller up close and you will also be spoiled with culinary delights.

7: Christmas Party Including the Treasure Hunt

A scavenger hunt, which is based on the Christmas story, is another possibility for your Christmas party. Divide your employees into different groups and send them on the scavenger hunt. You can set up different stations – on the company premises, in the forest, in the city – where it is most suitable. Your employees have to solve tasks and are led to the treasure by doing the right thing. An award ceremony is of course included. At the end of the scavenger hunt, a tasty Christmas dinner awaits you and your staff.

8: Christmas Competitions Challenge Your Workforce

Do you want to organize a fun Christmas party for your team? Exciting competitions are perfect. Divide employees into different teams and mix them so employees from different departments need to work together to get to know each other better. You could plan a Christmas quiz with matching questions, speed, and knowledge, or guessing spells and notions. This shows who is capable of the best teamwork. Even a quiz that deals with your company or your industry are suitable

9: First Christmas Market and Bowling Afterward

Start your Christmas party with a visit to the Christmas market, go to a good meal and then go bowling. Again, you can mix the different departments or compete against each other. The winners receive small prizes.

10: Visit a Casino Together

visit to the casino is also a great opportunity to close the fiscal year. Your coworkers can dress up and spend the evening together in a casino of your choice to play blackjack, roulette, and Co.

Do’s and Don’ts at the Christmas Party in the Office

As is well known, alcohol always flows at the company Christmas party. A quick one or the other strikes over the strands and enters a faux pas. There are plenty of opportunities to during the Christmas unpleasant attention. Therefore, the Do’s and Dont’s at the Christmas party in the office are an important help, showing you and your staff the way, so as not to embarrass yourself. The rule number one is that everyone should necessarily participate, because who refuses, show that he is not a team player and sends a wrong signal, If there are speeches during the celebration, your team should not start drinking yet, only then will it be triggered. If food is served à la carte, you should not order too much, otherwise, your staff will be lazy. Excitement and blasphemy are taboo because even if the food does not taste, it is better to say nothing and to keep calm. Nobody should use the Christmas party as an opportunity to talk about well-done work or salary increases. Only small talk is allowed. When clothing applies, select the occasion accordingly and not too much notice.

When Should You Actually Start Planning?

Especially larger companies should start planning early enough, as a lot of effort is waiting for you. So it pays off, depending on the size, to start already in the summer. The organization is complex, so it makes sense to start the planning and organization on the warm days of the year. First, decide who will be invited to the Christmas party. Therefore, clarify with all the other responsible, who should be present at the Christmas party. This is important to get an idea about the process and the nature of the Christmas party. So you can also determine the number of guests and calculate the budget, For example, you can only celebrate with your current employees or invite former colleagues. It is also possible that life partners are also part of the celebration.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

Then you should pay attention to a family-friendly course of the Christmas party. Also, business contacts should be invited? This usually has a very positive effect. However, your employees may lose the feeling of being together and make the Christmas party a must-attend event. Calculate the budget, because only if you know what sums of money to come to you, you can plan the Christmas party without having to fear mishaps. The amount of the available budget also determines the number of participants. Do not set the budget too low so that you have something left over in an emergency to cover additional costs. If you determine the number of participants on time, you have enough time to calculate the budget per capita. Party services, for example, usually charge food per person, making it much easier to calculate.

Also, appoint an organizing team to help plan and organize the Christmas party. You should clarify who is taking over which tasks. There are several tasks for transfer to the team. You can hire individuals or external agencies specializing in event planning. However, each variant has advantages and disadvantages, because if you assign your employees to the organization, it takes them time and they can dedicate less of the actual work. External event agencies are significantly more expensive. So think ahead of the organization, which ones Solution for your business is eligible. Also worry about whether you want to hire more external agencies, such as a florist or photographer.

Finally, Select the Appointment

In order to find a suitable location in time, you should also set the appointment early enough. Never choose a holiday, because your employees are usually scheduled on these days with family activities. Alternatively, you can organize the annual staff party in the summer instead of every year during the Christmas season. However, the joint financial statements with your employees are missing. However, it depends on how much the Christmas mood of the workforce should be pronounced. Stressful working months are by no means the right time for the celebration. If your company’s day-to-day business flourishes, especially during the Christmas period, you can also relocate the Christmas party to another time, before or after December, for example in January.

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