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Angelina Jolie Is Able to Talk About the Delicate Subject With Her Children

Angelina Jolie is able to talk about the delicate subject with her children shows that she is an excellent mother.
The actress defends that the struggles that will transform the world have to start in their own home.

And, despite everything, Angelina Jolie is trying to make a ‘normal’ life with her children

Celebrities are often criticized for defending certain causes in public that they later jump to the bullfighter in private. But Angelina Jolie is not one of them.

The actress, who has made humanitarian work her main life cause, presumes that she has worked hard to ensure that her six children understand and are involved in all the work of solidarity of which she is an ambassador.

It does so even with those that are not easy to explain to minors as sexual violence that is still exercised in conflict zones, according to his words, “a taboo subject” that he has been putting on the table for several years. the organization that he founded in 2014 to eradicate this scourge from the earth and put an end to the stigma that persecutes people who have suffered sexual attacks in war zones.

“Men and women who have been victims of these violations, and even children born of these non-consensual relationships, are often treated as if they were to blame for this,” says Jolie in an interview with Marie Claire. “Society rejects them and stigmatizes them while their aggressors remain at liberty without being punished. This has to end and breaking this taboo is essential to achieve it, “he says.

And how do you want to achieve it? Well, starting in your own home, involving all your children, both boys and girls. “I do not talk about these issues only with my daughters, but also with their brothers. And I do it because they have to understand that this is not a problem that affects them alone and that the solution is because men and women, boys and girls, come together to fight against it. “

In fact, it is the men to whom, according to Angelina, we must educate more about these issues. “Not only because they can also be victims of this sexual violence, but because those who exercise these crimes need other men to remind them of what it really is to be a man. One who has healthy relationships with women. That is why all societies must be very clear when it comes to not tolerating these behaviors, “he says.


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