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Avengers 4 Leaked Post Credit Scene Details Revealed

Avengers 4 Leaked Post Credit Scene: Avengers 4 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films next year. Marvel still does not reveal even the first trailer of the Russo brothers’ movie, but that is not preventing the fandom from carrying out all kinds of predictions. What will happen after the credits ofAvengers 4?

Avengers 4 Leaked Post Credit Scene


No details of the Avengers 4 plot have yet been revealed, but a Twitter user says that, in its final moments, the film will present The Eternal, which will be the next big Marvelite event in the face of Phase 4.

The film of The Eternal is planned to start the next great Marvel saga, and although the studio has not yet officially confirmed, the film already has the director, Chloe ZhaoThe Rider ). With The Eternals, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will plunge headlong into the cosmic plot that was original to be explored in Guardians of Galaxy 3, before the firing of James Gunn.

According to Daniel RPK of SuperBroMoviesMarvel is already doing castings for two characters from The Eternal, Karen and Piper. And although Kevin Feige has ensured that Los Eternos is in the process of pre-production, there is no scheduled start date for filming, so the casting could be for a cameo in one of the upcoming films.

“They have begun to look for the roles of two of the ETERNALS JUST NOW,” he wrote in a tweet. “There is a separate breakdown for each one, which may mean that they will have a cameo, or more likely, an appearance in the post-credits scene of one of the upcoming films, most likely to appear in one of the cosmic films. of Marvel, either Captain Marvel or Avengers 4 “.

The introduction of The Eternal at the end of Avengers 4 would not be casual at all. The Eternals are a race of almighty humanoids who consider themselves the protectors of the Earth. His main enemies are known as the Deviants. And it turns out that Thanos is a hybrid between Eternal and Deviant, so the introduction of the characters through their past would make a lot of sense.

Neither Marvel nor Disney have confirmed that these casting tests are really taking place. But Avengers 4 has already had some reshoots, and usually, the post-credits scene of the films are shot long after production ends. The Shawarma scene of the first Avenger movie, for example, was filmed when the film was released worldwide.

To know if the Eternals will appear or not in Avengers 4 will have to wait until May 3, the scheduled release date for the film Russo brothers.

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