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How to Save an Artificial Christmas Tree (with 8 Steps)

Artificial Christmas Tree: Once the Christmas season is over, it is time to keep the Christmas decorations among which we can highlight the tree unless it is natural and therefore we can not reuse it from one year to the next. In the case of artificial Christmas trees, we must package it correctly so that it is kept in perfect condition and next December we can take it out again.

So that you do not have any doubts, in this article of a How we explain how to keep an artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Tree

How to Save an Artificial Christmas Tree

You will need to:
Steps to Follow:
1. The first thing you should do before saving your Christmas tree will be to remove the lights and all the ornaments that we had placed to store them as well. You can see here how to keep the Christmas ornaments.
2. Next, you must fold the branches of the tree one by one.
3. In case they do not hold bent, you can attach them with a rubber band or tie them with a string.
4. Then, remove the legs or the base of the Christmas tree so that it occupies less when storing it.
5. Protect the Christmas tree by screwing it with foam rubber or bubble wrap, preventing it from being damaged if it is hit.
6. So that the ends are not left unprotected, put the tree in a plastic bag or if you do not find any large enough, cover both ends with smaller bags.
7. Finally, avoid humidity passing through the wrapper, covering it with a layer of cardboard and tape so it does not open.
8. Keep the artificial Christmas tree in a cooldry place, such as a closet, until it arrives next December.

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