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50+ Best Merry Christmas Poems For Kids

Best Merry Christmas Poems:- We’are bringing you the Best Merry Christmas Poems of. These are the TOP Christmas Poems for kids. Are you ready to celebrate Merry Christmas Day on December 25th, Everyone wishes each other by sending Merry Christmas Wallpapers, Merry Christmas poems.

Merry Christmas Poems


In church, people sing Christmas Poems. Celebrate the lovely occasion with your family and wish them by Christmas Poem for friends. People use social sites to send Christmas Poem Wallpaper, Photos HD. Now with your best buddies by sending Merry Christmas Poems.

Merry Christmas Poems

Christmas is one of the best festivals of the year. Lights/Celebrations/happiness all around. Kids get chocolates people share wishes and greetings. Couple gets lovely cards. All enjoyment around us. Don’t you love Christmas? This website is all about Christmas.

By wishing Merry Christmas with Merry Christmas Messages, is the great thing. Just “Merry Christmas” is not enough. That is the most common phrase during Christmas. So, you should do something more than that. Get the Top Merry Christmas Poems And Christmas Poems for Kids.Merry Christmas Poems

So find the Christmas wishes cards for your friends and family. Christmas wishes with warm celebrating from your heart. Beautiful Christmas Card makes them love you so much and feel special about your heart touching quotes and wishes you send to them on this occasion of Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated as a major festival all around the globe. Christmas greetings are now online to send wishes with WhatsApp and Facebook sharing and you can tag your friends and family on these New Year and Christmas Greeting Cards. We have collected some best Christmas Poems down here the page.

BEST Merry Christmas Poems

BEST Merry Christmas Poems 
“What do we love about Christmas,
Does our delight reside in things?
Or are the feelings in our hearts,
the real gift that Christmas brings,
It’s seeing those we love,
And sending Christmas cards, too,
Appreciating people who bring us joy,
Special people just like you.”
You will get all Free Christmas poems, greetings and for family, friends, teachers and kids on our website. People are searching many types of Christmas Poems such as Christmas poetry includes secular holiday poems, Christian Christmas prayers and verse two Christmas love poems and a Christmas tree poem.
“I know I’m sometimes thoughtless,
And forget to say and do,
The many little things I should,
To show my love for you,
But since it is Christmas time,
I got (made) this card just to say,
That always, deep within my heart,
I love you more and more each day!”
Evergreen boughs that fill our homes
With fragrant Christmas scents,
Hearts filled with the loving glow
That Christmas represents;


Merry Christmas Poems 
Christmas cookies, turkeys stuffed,
Festive holly berry,
Little faces bright with joy,
Loved ones being merry;
Parties, songs, beribboned gifts,
Silver bells that tinkle,
Christmas trees and ornaments,
Colorful lights that twinkle;
Relatives waiting with open arms
To smile and hug and kiss us;
These are some of the special joys
That come along with Christmas.
By Joanna Fuchs
“There is a strange magic in the air,
There is something for everyone,
The sound of the bells,
The anticipation and the fun,
The smiles on the faces,
There is a strange magic in the air,
It’s the time for Christmas!”
Christmas Fun


The tempting gifts are tantalizing;
About opening them, we are fantasizing.
The holiday foods are appetizing;
Our excitement and joy are growing and rising;
Our hearts and minds are harmonizing;
Jolly Christmas fun we’re maximizing!
By Joanna Fuchs
My Christmas wish for you, my friend
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
Days filled with warmth and sun
I wish you love and friendship too
Throughout the coming year
Lots of laughter and happiness
To fill your world with cheer
May you count your blessings, one by one
And when totaled by the lot
May you find all you’ve been given
To be more than what you sought
May your journeys be short, your burdens light
May your spirit never grow old
May all your clouds have silver linings
And your rainbows pots of gold
I wish this all and so much more
May all your dreams come true
May you have a Merry Christmas friend
And a happy New Year, too…
“Because in everything I do,
You always have a part,
Because a loving thought of you,
Is always in my heart,
Because each little wish of mine,
You’ve tried to make come true,
At Christmas time, I want to say,
How dearly I love you.”

Christmas Tree Poem

Christmas tree, sparkling bright,
Filled with baubles, warmth and light,
 Precious symbol of our affection
For Christmas time and its perfection,
 Show each night your radiant glory
 For “oohs” and “aahs” obligatory.
“My Idea Of Christmas, Whether Old-Fashioned Or Modern,
Is Very Simple: Loving Others. Come To Think Of It,
Why Do We Have To Wait For Christmas To Do That?”
“Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season,
But A State Of Mind, To Cherish Peace And Goodwill,
To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas.”
“Maybe Christmas, The Grinch Thought,
Doesn’t Come From A Store.”
“Every Year We Celebrate The Holy Season Of Advent, O God,
Every Year We Pray Those Beautiful Prayers Of Longing And Waiting,
And Sing Those Lovely Songs Of Hope And Promise.”
Christmas tree, don’t let us down;
Show something special at your crown,
 An angel, star, or splendid piece
To make our holiday joy increase,
 An icon, pure, ideal, complete,
 For Christmas memories fond and sweet.
May this Christmas be filled
With happiness in all that you do
And may this joy continue
The whole year through
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Christmas time wishes
For warmth and good cheer
Happiness now and in the New Year


Christmas brings us closer
It’s a special time of year
A family time and one to share
With those, we hold most dear
Christmas brings us closer
And like this wish it brings
Some very precious memories
And life’s most happy things
Glitter and glisten, gleam and glow,
 Oh Christmas tree, we love you so!
By Joanna Fuchs
A Sunny Christmas
Every year at Christmas time
There’s not a sign of snow.
Instead, we spend our yuletide days
 In the sun’s warm cheery glow.
We have the best of Christmas things,
The lights, the gifts, the bells,
(And “snowbirds” who arrive en masse
 To fill our beach hotels.)
The glorious weather fits right in
With our happy Christmas mood,
And we can also walk and run
Without having to be snowshoeing.
So don’t feel bad for your (location) friends
Who have no snow or ice?
We think our sunny Christmas here
 Is a holiday paradise!
By Joanna Fuchs

Christmas Poems For Friends

Christmas card poems should warm the heart. This Christmas poem for friends is designed as a Christmas card verse. If a single person is sending it, just change “we” to “I.” Christmas wishes for friends can also accompany Christmas gifts.
The Christmas Gift of Knowing You
The Christmas season fills our hearts with joy;
 Bright, happy days bring special kinds of pleasure.
 We’re wrapped in the excitement of it all,
The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes we treasure.
Yet when we have some quiet time to think
About our finest blessings all year through,
 We focus on our family and our friends,
 And appreciate the gift of knowing you!
By Joanna Fuchs
May all the sweet magic
Of Christmas conspire
To gladden your hearts
And fill every desire.
I am dreaming of white Christmas,
with every Christmas cardi write,
May your days be merry and bright,
and May all your Christmas be white.

Happy Christmas. Poems

Don’t most people send Christmas card poems to friends? So here’s a Christmas poem for friends for your cards.
The Best Gift
As Christmas time arrives,
 We think of you and smile;
 Your friendship is the gift
We think most worthwhile.
The packages are pretty
Underneath the tree,
But what we value most
 Is your ability
To bring joy to our lives
 In everything you do,
Enriching time together
 Just by being you.
By Joanna Fuchs
Most people love to eat,
That’s everyone’s weakness
Especially on holidays,
There’s a lot of sweets,
But after a holiday,
We face this figure problem
Had bulky sides and huge belly
So the main goal now is to be SEXY!
Once upon a time,
I made a wish while holding a dime,
“I wish Santa come here on Christmas
Put something special on my socks”.
So every night,
I watch out for Santa,
Waiting for a huge guy
with the huge belly to show up.
Then one night, my wish came true.
I saw someone huge near on my socks,
Putting something there,
I was shocked it was my DAD!
Christmas is here!
Let’s celebrate with cheer,
I will coz I’m happy,
I’ll get the gifts that make me merry.
Oh my friends, be my Santa,
Just like my Mama and Papa.
Gifts and cash are so much welcome,
That would surely bring me so much fun!
Christmas is my favorite,
Filling my desk with gifts,
Christmas party there and here,
Bringing so much Christmas cheer.
But guys, just take it easy.
Eat treats and drink beer moderately.
For when Christmas is over,
You won’t have a huge belly!
Rather than singing the twelve days of Christmas,
I will ask for twelve gifts of Christmas
Laptop, new phone, ipad, clothes, ring and jewelry box
Add some gift basket, more gadgets and cash.
Just kidding, my friend, don’t fret.
My Christmas wish list is something simple, yet still twelve.
Happiness in life, love, peace, prosperity, success and good health.
Sexy figure, handsome boyfriend, career, some cash, yummy treats, and wealth.
Simple, isn’t it?
Merry Christmas!
Tonight’s my first night as a watchdog,
And here it is Christmas Eve.
The children are sleeping all cozy upstairs,
While I’m guardin’ the stockin’s and tree.
There once was a little boy so small
he liked to make a lot of noise
And drove his parents up the wall
With all those kinds of toysSo they wouldn’t let him have a drum
A whistle or a flute
They would only give him rubber toys
The kind you couldn’t toot.
It happened in the kindergarten class,
Right at the table where they were having snack.
Joanie asked the question and they all sat back:
“Mr. Slater? Can Santa Claus be black?”Poor Mr. Slater didn’t know what to say,
Christmas vacation was twenty days away.
There were snowflakes to cut and
Window wreaths to be hung,
Christmas cards to be painted,
And Christmas songs to be sung.
At Xmas time when we were kids,
we were bloody poor,
and Santa weren’t too generous
when he knocked upon our doorBut we made do by saving up,
yes every little bit
“We may be poor” said dear old Dad,
“but I dont give a shit!”
Christmas is coming,
The geese are getting fat,
Please put a penny
In the old man’s hat.
If you haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do,
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
Then God bless you.

Merry Christmas Rhymes:-

Here you will find the Free Christmas poems which you can easily share by copying it. There are no charge or registration fees for this. So Christmas Poems are sent to loved ones in the very special way as it is a day of love as Christmas Day is celebrated on this day. There are many another type of Funny Christmas Poetry which includes Holiday Poems, Christian Christmas prayers and are very popular on Christmas Day. Christmas love poems and Christmas Quotes.
“I know I’m sometimes thoughtless,
And forget to say and do,
The many little things I should,
To show my love for you,
But since it is Christmas time,
I got (made) this card just to say,
That always, deep within my heart,
I love you more and more each day!”
“There is a strange magic in the air,
There is something for everyone,
The sound of the bells,
The anticipation and the fun,
The smiles on the faces,
There is a strange magic in the air,
It’s the time for Christmas!”

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