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Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Brad Pitt’s Child? And THIS Is The Baby

Of course, if you have the image of the original ultrasound!

Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? The American tabloids do not give up: their dream is that one of the most iconic couples that have given Hollywood to rejoin forever and, incidentally, form a family. And that time is playing more and more against him and, above all, that they have been happily divorced for more than a decade. We are talking, of course, about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, from whom the unfounded rumors -simply unfounded- of reconciliation since the actress separated from Justin Theroux, at the beginning of 2018 have returned. Thus, throughout the year we have seen how these media have been married and tried to get pregnant, on the last day of November, confirm not only That baby is on the way but they even have the photo of the ultrasound! If this is not the greatest FANTASY you’ve ever seen, we do not know what it is.

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Thus, according to the Daily Star, Brad and Jen are delighted to present the world to their highly anticipated son. “We never lost hope”, stand out on the cover of this tabloid. Those who have not lost it, they have bothered to take an ultrasound of any child – they are all the same, who played for them and ‘sold’ like a couple.

But that is not all! They also provide details such as that they bought a mansion together to form a family and that, we love this too, Brad Pitt’s mother moves in with them . Because, of course, they probably can not afford to pay a babysitter and they need poor Jane Pitt, who is almost 80, to take care of her baby.

‘Our baby? Hahaha!’

According to all this information, Jennifer Aniston would have been pregnant for 17 years. Since she married Brad Pitt, she separated, she has also been awarded pregnancies with each and every one of her partners and even more when she remarried Justin. However, and about to turn 50 (the next February), it is quite clear that motherhood is not for her. And if anyone doubts it, Jennifer explains it in her own words.

We do not know if nobody will have believed what the cover of the Daily Star announced, but as a joke it is, without doubt, great. And, no, Brad and Jennifer have not married , they do not expect any children, they have not moved together.


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