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New York Police Find a Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring

Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring: “Wanted to drop the ring of his fiancee”, with this message the NYPD began the search for a couple who pledged on Saturday in Times Square

Couple Who Lost Their Engagement Ring
John and Daniella (left), after recovering the engagement ring they had requested on Saturday in Times Square (right), thanks to a publication by the NYPD on their Twitter account.

The New York Police reported Sunday that located in north London, in the UK, the couple who lost an engagement ring in the tourism sector in Times Square, and thanked the public support for that the story had a happy ending.

The search for the couple in love, which the police posted on their Twitter page, mobilized many New Yorkers who shared the tweet and also thanked the uninformed for the effort.

“We found them. Good job Twitterverse (universe of Twitter),” New York Police Chief James O’Neill wrote in his account, in which he also noted that the couple is back in their country of origin, but they will make sure “they have the ring” quickly.

O’Neill also congratulated John Drennan and his girlfriend Danielle and accompanied his tweet with a photo of the smiling couple.

The couple notified the police, but after an initial search the ring was not found and they marched without having data to locate them, so the police went to Twitter, a search that many New Yorkers joined.

“We want to thank everyone for sharing the story, thanks to their retweets they knew we were looking for them,” the police said today in their account.

The couple returned to the United Kingdom, from where the future husband thanked O’Neill, the police and New Yorkers for sharing their story.

“Wanted to drop the ring of his fiancee.” She said yes, but was so excited that she dropped the ring on the grid, “said the tweet that the police posted on their social network account and in which they asked for help to find the couple.

The scene of the proposal of marriage, happened Saturday in Times Square, had been captured by security cameras and the video was made public in an attempt now to locate the couple in love.

The police had the ring with diamonds, but not before cleaning it, of which he published a photo along with a telephone number.

“Here is a picture of the ring that our officers recovered (and cleaned!) If you know the happy couple, then we can return the ring!” Said the police in a second tweet.



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