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Top 8 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas & Trends 2019

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas: Made of wood, with neon colors, completely snowed or autumnal style: these are some of the trends in Christmas decoration that can be seen most during the holidays.

Putting the Christmas tree decoration ideas is one of the most endearing traditions of the holidays. And the fact is that everyone loves to fill their home with colored lights, crystal balls, and shining stars. But, if there is something that is key in any Christmas decoration ideas, it is the Christmas tree. And it is that in no self-respecting house can be missing a beautiful fir covered in garlands, beads, and gifts.

Christmas Tree Decoration ideas
Christmas Tree Decoration ideas

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

However, decorating a Christmas tree is not as easy as it seems since it is not about putting the ornaments in any way. The tree should represent the personality of the house: there are those who prefer a more traditional decoration or those who opt for modernity. Here we give you some clues of what are the trends to decorate the Christmas tree in this season 2019.


For many years to pass, a traditional style tree decorated with lights, colored balls and ornaments of Christmas forms will never go out of style. The most used combination is red and white, the colors that represent one of the most famous figures of these dates: Santa Claus. To follow this style you will only have to look for some red glass balls (which you can also combine with some white) and colored lights in yellow tone. Then, distribute them to all the branches of the tree. Add also some small star, angel or gift combined between the crystal balls. Finally, do not forget to put a small angel or star on the tip of the fir tree. Red and white are the colors more traditional, but you can also combine ornaments of other colors such as blue and silver or gold and green.


The colors fosfortio are one of the great trends in fashion for this fall/winter season. Therefore, if you are one of those who like to experiment with decoration, you can dare to take them to your Christmas tree. If you do not want to complicate yourself too much, you can look for garlands with colored LED lights and go decorating the tree with them, placing them in a circular way from the glass to the lower branches. If you prefer a more traditional decoration, you can choose to look for glass balls and garlands of neon-colored tinsel like pink, blue, green or yellow. Once you have everything you need, you will only have to combine all these ornaments in your fir tree. Of course, if you opt for a tree with neon-colored beads, avoid the colored lights so that it is not too overloaded and go beyond the horterism line.


Choosing a single color to decorate the tree is one of the most elegant trends of the moment. The key is to combine beads with different shapes, textures, and tones of the same color. For example, you can choose to decorate your fir in violet tones, which has been named the color of the year 2019 by Pantone. If you prefer to use a more traditional style, you can decide on Christmas colors such as red, gold or green or neutral tones such as white or silver.


Another of the decorations that will be used a lot during this Christmas is the one that recreates a whole forest in the Christmas tree, one of the warmest and homeliest tendencies that we are going to find in this season. If you want to decorate your fir tree in this way, you have to know that the key is to use decorative elements made of wood (balls, stars, pineapples …) and combine them with garlands made with sackcloth and golden lights. In addition, you can add other details such as small golden jingle bells, some red fruits like apples or go from the forest or any other element that brings that rustic touch to your tree.


One of the trends that have been going strong for this Christmas is the autumnal style that combines brown, ocher, gold and brown tones. Mix all these colors in your Christmas tree and you will get a most stylish and glamorous effect. The only problem is that these colors can end up being too dull, so you’ll have to give some grace to your decoration using balls with crystals or glitter, beads with pineapple shapes, small bells or other elements that represent this magical station.


Simplicity and minimalism is the key to Nordic decoration, a style that has been one of the great trends of this 2018. To achieve this effect you should not complicate with elaborate combinations of ornaments and garlands, but you just have to guide you through a simple rule: less is more. You can choose to distribute some crystal balls throughout the tree, but making sure that the distance between them is sufficient. That is, do not worry if there are large empty spaces in your tree, that is a sign that you are doing well. You can also add some golden lights, never colors, that light the fir up and down. Although another option is to forget the ornaments and decorate your tree with only small lights in yellow or amber.


One of the options that we see every year is to replace the traditional green fir with a white one, which simulates the effect of being snowed. This is also a good idea, but you should bear in mind that with this type of trees it is very easy to fall into excess. A white tree is already very striking, so you should not recharge it by decorating it with colored balls from the cup to the branches below. One tip is that, once you put your tree, you put some garlands of golden lights. Next, choose some crystal balls of a single color. And it is very important that you only use a tone in this type of snowy fir; for example, the color red, blue or green. You also have to be very careful not to overdo the ornaments: with a few balls, it will be more than enough.


Every time there are more people who avoid putting in your home the typical plastic Christmas tree and opts for other more original options. For example, one of the trends that each is gaining more popularity is that of the tree built with wooden branches. This tradition, which has a lot of presence in countries like Italy, is very easy to imitate: look for some wooden sticks of different sizes and place them from largest to smallest.

Then, you just have to join the ends with a transparent thread and hang it on some wall of your house. You can decorate it with garlands of lights, crystal balls or stars and angels. Other ideas to create an original tree with personality is doing it with books, with bottle corks or with the typical wooden staircase that opens in an inverted ‘V’ shape. The key is to let your imagination fly and design a tree that transmits your own personality.

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