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The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit: The celebration of the arrival of the Christmas Spirit is a tradition of Nordic origin. This holiday takes the date of December 21, the day when the Earth enters the Winter Solstice, that is when the planet is at the furthest point of its orbit from the sun.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

it is the propitious occasion so that, between ten and a few minutes past midnight (according to the year) the Christmas Spirit will come down to earth and visit the men of goodwill who welcome him, welcome that is rewarded with abundance, peace and love for the next twelve months.

How to Receive the Christmas Spirit

The simplest way to receive and celebrate the arrival of the Christmas Spirit is with healthy joy, accompanying that feeling with the ignition of red, golden and violet candles, always in odd numbers. The welcome is symbolically represented by the opening of all doors and windows, as well as the use of tangerine essences in the home.

Christmas Spirit

Afterward, a very personal prayer is said and an act of reflection is carried out, sincerely asking for forgiveness for all the faults committed. If this festivity has been celebrated previously, each of the requests from the list of the previous year is cut out and, insofar as they are incinerated individually, the moment is propitious to thank God for the wishes fulfilled.

After the act of purification, a new list of requests is made for the coming period, always using only one side of a sheet of paper, in order to have enough space when cutting each application. The number of requests must also be odd, in each of the following categories:

  • For Humanity
  • By Country
  • For our friends and family
  • By ourselves

It is important to highlight the presence of spiritual requests because they have greater force than the material ones, which will come in addition. Among the requests that can be made, good examples would be understanding, harmony (in the couple, commercial or business relationships), health, the abandonment of bad habits or vices, etc.

The list of requests is something very personal that must be jealously guarded until the following year when an evaluation of the completed requests is made.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

Welcome Prayer

I demand, accept, receive and make an abundant provision for myself, for my family, my friends and for all humanity (ask for health, happiness, prosperity, abundance, spiritual development and the material things you want).

I invoke the law of forgiveness, the violet transmuting flame and the pink flame of divine love, to dissolve with love all that is unharmonious during this Christmas in my home and on the planet.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

I am the transmutation of the violet flame into action, and the perfection of the beloved Master of the Nativity manifests itself in the entire planet by the power of divine love (it remains a moment in silence and visualizes the earth wrapped in a violet and pink light, after thanking you for what happens to you).

The Ritual

The date indicated to celebrate this ritual is December 21, between 10 and 12 o’clock at night. Between these hours is when the Christmas Spirit descends on Earth to accompany us during these Christmas holidays.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

For the ritual, we need the following elements:

  1. 1 blue candle, 1 yellow candle, 1 red candle.
  2. 1 cone or benzoin incense stick.
  3. The essence of orange blossom.
  4. Matches.
  5. Sheets of paper.
  6. Pencil or pen.
  7. Scissors.


  • Blue candle: peace.
  • Yellow candle: joy and happiness.
  • Red candle: love
  • Incense of Mirrai: peace and prosperity.
  • Orange blossom essence: love, luck, money, physical energy, happiness and health.

How to Perform the Ritual

When we have all the elements we place the candles in triangle, incense and essence on an altar that we have prepared for the occasion.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

We light the candles in a clockwise direction, light the incense and sprinkle a few drops of essence on the atmosphere.

We open all the doors and windows of the house to welcome the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

We concentrate in silence for a few minutes perceiving that good and positive energy that the Spirit of Christmas brings us, soaking in that collective well-deserved well-being, of the universal desires of peace, love and prosperity for all. We visualize the Earth full of light, peace and harmony where all beings are happy. We also think about our particular objectives, visualize our dreams fulfilled.

We write our wishes on paper in order of priority (it is recommended to ask first for peace, second for the country itself, third for family and friends and forth for ourselves). It is convenient to write the wish list in independent lines and only on one side of the page. Once the ritual is over we must keep this paper until the following year.

Christmas Spirit
Christmas Spirit

If the previous year we have performed this same ritual we take out the paper with our wishes expressed then. We cut into strips those that have been fulfilled and we burn them in the flame of the candles giving mental thanks for the wishes fulfilled.

We let the candles burn completely. If we do not have time, we simply turn them off, ending the ritual.

On this night, the longest of the year, let us welcome the Christmas Spirit. Let’s take his hand and let his energy envelop us. Let’s forget the superfluous and trivial aspects of the Christmas celebration and focus on the essentials: be better with ourselves and with others. And in this way, we will reach the light.

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