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7 Top Curiosity News That Happened for Last Week Till December 1, 2018

Only here you will see the 7 top curiosity news, unusual and tender news of the network.

7 Top Curiosity News

Top Curiosity News

# 1 the Best Ping Pong Shot of 2018

In the video, you can see Chen, only 15 years old, who plays a match against Ronny Solvoll, from the Rana Bordtennisklubb club. In the first set of the game, Chen went up by 10-4, and after a flurry of punches from his opponent Solvoll, little Chen ended up on the ground trying to respond to the attack.

But when he was about to yield, after doing a somersault across the floor, Chen extended his racket, barely peeking over the table, with the luck that his opponent’s blow hit right in, blocking the point.

The video shared by the club Trondheim Bordtennisklubb became a phenomenon of social networks.

# 2 Strange Returns Lost Wallet and Add Extra Money

A man in South Dakota lost his wallet on a plane and a stranger returned it with extra money. Hunter Shamat never imagined that he would have his wallet again. A few days later he received a package by mail with his wallet and a letter attached.

Shamat was surprised to see all his money still in the wallet with additional money added from the unknown man. The mysterious good Samaritan, from Omaha, Nebraska, was only identified in the letter by his initials, “TB.”

# 3 Image of the Day

The user of Reddit Jenny has hung a curious image of her cat Peter who was staring fixedly while repairing the dishwasher.
The image has caused tenderness in the way Peter observes the worker.

And you, what title would you put on the image?

# 4 Guinness Record: the Longest Release of a Sausage in a Bun

The longest shoot and catch of a hotdog sausage in a bun is 20.96 meters. The record was achieved by former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell and Ryan Moore in London, United Kingdom.

Judge Jack Brockbank was present to oversee the attempt and ensure that the sausage and the bun will adhere to the rules.

# 5 Where Are Your Legs?

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova has baffled her 2.1 million fans with an image in which she seems to have no legs. In the photograph, Natalia is wearing a sweater, a skirt and a black hat while taking a selfie in front of the mirror, which at the same time seems to be floating on the ground.

One user explained that his left leg had been camouflaged with the black chair, while his right leg was distorted by the edges of the two mirrors.

#6 A Launch of a Rocket From Space and It’s Very Very Real

A new time-lapse video gives us a new view of how the launch of a rocket looks from a totally different perspective, from space .

The Russian rocket was launched on November 16. The time-lapse video was captured by the European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Alexander Gerst , who is on board the International Space Station (ISS).

The video is amazing, but the most impressive moments are the seconds after the launch .

Although it seems that it is a fiction film, it is an authentically real video .

#7 Fired Explosives to Announce the Sex of His Baby and Started a Forest Fire of $ Us 8 Million

In April of last year, a subject fired an explosive target to reveal the sex of his baby and the fire became uncontrollable. For the first time, the video was made public.

It is a worse way to reveal the gender of a baby . The fire that caused the explosion consumed more than 47,000 acres around the hills of Santa Rita Mountain in southeastern Arizona before it was eventually contained thanks to the efforts of 800 firefighters.


The fight against the forest fire cost more than $ 8 million dollars , but Dickey, the subject we talked about, had to pay $ 220,000 dollars, when in September he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor: causing a fire without a permit.

Dennis Dickey is a Border Patrol agent and was off duty , it was easy for him to reveal the sex of his baby doing this. After the explosion, you see a blue cloud, before the grass around quickly caught. The final result, disastrous.


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