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Former CBS Executive Director Forced a Woman to Have Oral Sex

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Former CBS Executive Director Forced a Woman to Have Oral Sex. Bobbie Phillips, a 25-year-old aspiring actress, went to Leslie Moonves’s office in Burbank, California, by order of her agent. The then television executive was naked before the young

Former CBS Executive Director
July 2015 photo of Leslie Moonves, the executive director of the US television network CBS.

Former director of the US television network CBSLeslie Moonves, forced a 25-year-old aspiring actress to perform oral sex, which she tried to silence years later, according to an article by The New. York Times.

The woman, Bobbie Phillips, was 25 years old when the sexual assault happened in 1995, when Moonves, who was fired this September by CBS after being accused by a dozen people of harassment, was the president of Warner Bros. Television.

Phillips says that he went to Moonves’ office in Burbank, California, by order of his representative, who told him that the television executive, who had released highly successful series such as “Friends” or “ER”, could throw her into stardom.

During the meeting, Moonves, at that time married and with three children, was naked before the girl and promised to include her in any program if she became his girlfriend.

He then proceeded to force her to perform oral sex, but she was able to escape from the office after he had to answer a phone call.

The then representative of Phillips, Marv Dauer, told the New York Times that Moonves told her last April that if she published that information, it would be the end of her professional career.

“If Bobbie speaks, I’m finished,” he said.

That is why Moonves would have tried to silence Phillips’ allegations with the help of Dauer, an agent who had achieved some success in the past but whose business had deteriorated substantially in recent years.

Moonves, who had been working for CBS for 24 years, was fired last September after, at the end of July, half a dozen women reported harassment suffered by the manager in an article published by The New Yorker.

Then began an internal investigation by the company, which at the same time began to agree with Moonves his exit, for which he would receive about 120 million dollars, an amount that could be in danger with the new revelations.

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