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How Meghan Markle Made Kate Middleton Cry and Other Disagreements

How Meghan Markle Made Kate Middleton Cry: The British press begins to investigate a relationship that could be much more complicated than it seemed until now.

The move of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Frogmore Cottage, although conveniently explained, could have something more behind than the simple search for tranquility. If a few days ago there was speculation about a bad relationship with his sister-in-lawKate Middleton, now this theory is gaining strength more than ever since the British press has begun to talk seriously about FRACTURA, with very graphic and surprising examples. As, for example, when describing the anecdote in which Meghan made Kate cry. The total crisis between the Windsor?

How Meghan Markle Made Kate Middleton Cry

He (always presumed because, of course, Kensington Palace has not confirmed anything, nor any of the interested) moment of that crying was shortly before the wedding of Meghan and Harry when the little ladies of honor were trying on their dresses. Among them, little Charlotte, who became the protagonist that day. Thus, when it was the princess’s turn, the sisters-in-law ended up arguing to the point that the disagreement ended in tears for Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge was especially sensitive because she had given birth to her third child just a few days before.

Those who reveal this incident do not explain what led Kate and Meghan to discuss why this information should be taken with tweezers. In any case, if they had happened, they kept up appearances with great skill.

Even before this supposed discussion, the relationship between the two would be complicated. They come from very different environments, they have almost nothing in common and they would be regular.

But the (always supposed) disagreements with her husband’s family would not be left here. It is also said that Eugenia de York would have felt terrible that Harry and Meghan did not stay at the post-wedding party. When, in fact, there would be a quite understandable explanation: not only was she already pregnant but they had to start only a few hours later her long and exhausting trip to Oceania.

Will there be a luck of Team Kate and another Team Meghan within the Windsor? Will we find out one day?


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