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Christmas in London 2019 | How Is Christmas Celebrated in England?

Christmas in London: Christmas in Britain is the most popular holiday and is characterized by traditions dating back hundreds of years. Many Christmas customs originated in Great Britain have been adopted in the USA.

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

The first Christmas card was sent in 1840 and soon it became something specifically built for Christmas. Around one million Christmas cards are sent each year in the United Kingdom. Many of them sold as help from Caridad. The decoration of Christmas has also a very early origin, the holly, the mistletoe is associated with rituals that return us to the old age. The habit of kissing a mistletoe is derived from an ancient pagan tradition.

The Christmas tree was popularized by Prince Albert husband of Queen Victoria who introduced one to the royal house in 1840. Since 1947 the country of Norway has annually represented Great Britain with a large Christmas tree standing in the square of Trafalgar in commemoration of the Anglo-Norwegian cooperation during the Second World War.

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

It is popular with children at Christmas pantomimes, dramatizations of the song and fairy tales that encourage the participation of audiences.

The Christmas carols are sung on Christmas Eve by groups of singers to their neighbors. Children hang a stocking at the foot of the fireplace or at the foot of the bed for Santa Claus to fill it. Gifts for the family are placed under the Christmas tree.

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

Christmas day is the opening of gifts and many families attend religious practices in the church. The Christmas dinner traditionally consists of roasted turkey, goose, or chicken with stuffing and roasted potatoes.

This is followed by patties of minced meat and Christmas pudding flamed with brandy that should contain coins or other cheerful charms for children. The pudding is usually prepared weeks before and is removed according to the custom by each member of the family and makes a wish at the same time.

Later on Christmas day, the cake should be served-a rich cake cooked with fruit and marzipan and with icing sugar.

Christmas cookies often accompany the meal on Christmas day, invented by a baker in London in 1846. It is a cookie in a brightly colored paper tube twisted at both ends containing a party hat, toys or other trinkets.

When this is pushed by 2 people to this a crack opens and its content is dispersed.

Another traditional event on Christmas Day is the Queen’s message to the nation and its dissemination through radio and television.

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

The day after Christmas is known as the day of the boxes that takes its name from a custom of giving a Christmas box. A tip or money is put inside the box and given to the shopkeeper who regularly attended us during the year.

This tradition survives in the customs of giving tips to the postman, the milkman, the garbage man and others who do good jobs at Christmas time.

A special note:

The mistletoe considered sacred by the British druids was believed to have miraculous powers among the Romans. It was a symbol of Peace and it was said that when the enemies were below him they would surrender weapons and declare surrender. That’s why the custom under a mistletoe, England was the first nation to use it during Christmas.

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