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Christmas in Britain 2019 | How Is Christmas Celebrated in Britain?

Christmas in Britain: Scotland has one of the biggest New Year’s parties around the world.

The Christmas season in Britain begins on December 6, the day the fir is placed in Trafalgar Square, in London. It is Norway that gives this tree to the British since 1948 as a sign of friendship and gratitude for their help during World War II.

But the British Christmas would not be the same without the particular sound of `crackers’, small firecrackers that throw colored papers when they split in two. Within them, you can find a hat, a gift and a joke, generally bad enough.

Another important date at British Christmas is December 26, better known as `Boxing Day‘. It is the day in which merchants receive their bonus. Its origin goes back to when the aristocrats gave their servants a gift. In addition, during the `Boxing Day’ football matches and other traditional English sports are held.

Christmas in Britain
Christmas in Britain

On New Year’s Eve, tradition says that the first person to cross the threshold of the door will mark the fate of that home during the new year.

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous events that take place in the United Kingdom is the year-end party in Edinburgh (Scotland), called `Hogmanay’. At the foot of the charming castle, tens of thousands of people gather to the sound of live music that populates the streets of the city. The following day, the celebrations continue dog races, tai chi in the parks or chill-out music.

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