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What Hailey and Justin React When Playing a Selena Gomez Song

What Hailey and Justin React: Justin Bieber and Hailey (formerly known as Baldwin) Bieber have celebrated their first Thanksgiving as a couple in Canada, with his family. Thus, they have been seen together in a hockey game to encourage the Toronto Maple Leafs and took the opportunity to devote endless displays of love from the stands. It’s what it takes to live in an eternal honeymoon. What could tarnish so much conjugal harmony? Two words; Well, a name and a surname: Selena Gómez. Because, how could they react if, suddenly and in full swing, Wolves, of Selena, sounded? Well, some fans have picked up the moment with their mobile:

What Hailey and Justin React

Some question the veracity of the scene and the comments of the person who recorded it are divided between those who believe it is true and those who believe it is false. The fact is that, according to what we see in this video, the following happened: Justin looks at the track and song Wolves, Selena. What does it do, how does it react? Well, in the most normal way possible: move to the rhythm of the music.

Perhaps this is what makes Bieber fans think that the scene is not real: hearing a song from his ex longer would normally be angry, sad or react in a way not so optimistic. We like to think that all this has really happened and that Justin acts with all the naturalness that deserves a moment like this. And that would denote maturity on their part.

What did happen, as expected, is that Justin and Hailey kissed passionately before the cameras. Well, it was more like the singer when the cameras focused on him. He greeted very nice and immediately bent down to kiss his wife as if he were going to end the world. Does anyone have any doubt that they are hyper enamored? And that not a song by Selena Gómez could tarnish her happiness? At least, this is the impression it gives us.

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