US Government Appeals Blockade of Justice to Asylum Restrictions

US Government Appeals Blockade: According to the appeal filed by the federal government’s lawyers, the blockade contributes to migrants “endangering themselves by crossing the US illegally”

US Government Appeals Blockade
A group of migrants tries to cross illegally into US territory avoiding legal transit through El Chaparral, in the city of Tijuana.

The government of Donald Trump filed an appeal on Tuesday appeal to Justice remove the order blocking the legislation promoted by the Executive that substantially restrict the options of migrants to seek asylum in the country.

The Justice Department accuses in its brief the judge who made the decision “to undermine the efforts of President Donald Trump so that people who move in caravans across Mexico follow US laws.”

According to the appeal filed by federal government lawyers, the blockade contributes to migrants “endangering themselves by illegally crossing into the US,” instead of through the designated ports of entry.

The White House further said that should the magistrate in San Francisco (California) federal court, Jon Tigar, have not lifted the blockade on Wednesday, he will refer the matter to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

On November 9, Trump signed a presidential order that de facto implied that those immigrants who enter the country through the border with Mexico irregularly have no option to seek asylum, as he had already announced he would do during the week prior to the legislative elections last day 6.

The same day that Trump signed the order, in force for at least 90 days, different human rights groups demanded the Government asking the Justice for preventive suspension of the regulation.

The government had shielded itself in the same prerogative used to establish a migratory veto on Muslim-majority countries in 2017, a step that was backed by the Supreme Court.


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