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Firefighters Welcome Nine Babies Born Almost at the Same Time

Firefighters Welcome Nine Babies Born: Maybe there is something in the water of these Florida firefighters. The baby boom knocked on the door of a fire department that now has nine reasons to celebrate.

Firefighters Welcome Nine Babies Born

According to the Fox13 News publication, several firefighters from Davie Fire Rescue, in Broward Countybecame parents at about the same time.

But this amazing coincidence merited an extraordinary photograph, and the department set a photo shoot for the firefighters, their partners, and their children.

In a tweet, Davie Fire Rescue announced the “Baby Boom” within the department:

“9 babies were welcomed to our family of firefighters during the last 10 months! We had the opportunity to gather all the firefighters (mother or father) with their babies for a quick photo session, “reads the tweet, accompanied by three photos of the babies, firefighters, and their families.

In one of the photos, you can see each of the babies in a towel from the fire department, on the jacket with the embroidered name of their parents.

On the other hand, the baby boom also came to a pediatric office in Ohio, because 5 of its employees announced their pregnancy at the same time.

According to People magazine, 5 staff members at Franklin Park Pediatrics expect babies, all within six months.

“At the beginning, it was quite shocking, but we are very excited about them,” Jen Matuszewski, a spokesperson for the office told People magazine. “We are adding five more patients! We have 23 staff members and five of the 23 are pregnant, so that’s a lot. But it’s good because everyone has someone to turn to. ”

Mielcarek, 28, was the first to announce her pregnancy and her due date on June 12. She says that she was euphoric when she found out one by one that her colleagues also expected.

Holt, the last, will give birth to her daughter McKenzie on November 15 and says she feels lucky to have such a strong support system during her first pregnancy.

According to the spokesperson, the office staff has begun to train two new employees to help while women are on maternity leave.

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