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The 5 Christmas Costumes for Kids or Children 2019

Christmas Costumes for Kids: With the arrival of Christmas, it is very fun to disguise the smallest of the house with original costumes. Here are some very beautiful ideas.

Christmas Costumes for Kids

With the arrival of winter, it is inevitable that we think about how close we are to Christmas, as well as the different festivities and important days of these dates for both the big and the small ones of the house. Christmas is not celebrated in the same way everywhere, but it is true that it is an important and exciting moment, especially for the children of the house.

Numerous families take advantage of these moments to dress up and receive both the winter cold and the new year in the most fun way, that is, disguising themselves as elements or characters characteristic of this Christmas.

For this reason, we are going to give you some ideas of costumes, whether made entirely at home or bought in stores specializing in this type of clothing, so that both Christmas Costumes for Kids or children and all the children in your family or circle of friends enjoy Christmas in the most fun way, entertain the little ones of the house at the arrival of their holidays and foment their most creative side.

Christmas Tree Costume

The Christmas tree is, without a doubt, one of the most important decorations on these outstanding dates. Whatever the culture or the country in which we are, the tree is an element that can not be missing in the home and also, its assembly, is one of the favorite tasks of both the smallest and the largest of the house.

Christmas Tree Costume

In addition to being one of the main Christmas decorations of our home, the Christmas tree is one of the funniest, original and easy to make costumes for our children or the Christmas Costumes for Kids or children of our family or friends. If on the contrary, you are not too good with manual tasks, you can always find this disguise in a store specializing in costumes.

If we decide to do it ourselves with the help of the children of the house, the first thing we have to think about is the fabric or material that we use to create our tree. In this way, although any properly cut and decorated fabric can serve us, it is advisable that we look for hard material, such as foam. Nowadays we can find this material in any stationery and in a great diversity of colors and tonalities.

Once we have our materials to make the structure of the tree, we will only have to draw its shape taking into account mainly the size of the body of our children, Christmas Costumes for Kids or children who will take it. When we have the drawn shape, we will cut it and join the back part with the front with pieces of the green bow, so that it does not cost to put on the costume and make it as comfortable as possible.

To complete this disguise we will have to look for adornments and applications that we want to put on the tree costume. For this, you can use from balls and Christmas bows to candy canes or chocolates with striking wrappers that give color and vitality to our precious tree. As icing on the cake, we can find a hair ribbon where we will stick to the star of our tree.

Star of Illusion

The star is another of the characteristic elements of Christmas and is also one of the most beautiful and easy to make costumes for our children. The star of the illusion can not only be found at the top of our Christmas tree but also in the representation of the cribs, very typical in many homes around the world.

To carry out this disguise we will do the same as with the Christmas tree. We will mainly look for a resistant and more rigid material in gold or yellow. As we have said before we can use any fabric or material but it will always be better to be rigid. When we have it we will only have to draw the front part of our body and the back part to later cut them and join them with golden loops.

When we have our star assembled we will only have to cut with the same material of a similar color but to stand out a little more, smaller stars in the form of flashes, so that the disguise detaches all the illusion of the world.

Dad and Mama Noel

The costume of Santa Claus is one of the most used and rescued in these special dates. Unlike others like the ones explained above, this type of disguise should be purchased at any store specializing in costumes and then put the details that you like.

Dad and Mama Noel

For a few years, it has been a tradition for girls to be dressed as mama noel, a costume in which they change their trousers with a beautiful red lack with the edges in white. To give a special touch to this costume we can always add a more elaborate belt or applications in both the jacket and the hat and the bottom, to make it more fun and colorful.

King Mago Christmas Costume

Like the costumes of Papa and Mama Noel, the costume of Rey Mago can also be found in specialized stores. The Magi have a very important role in many countries. They are the characters that most delude children and although it is not a very original costume, all children like to be king for a day.

When dressing Rey Mago it is important that we choose which of them we want to be. Once we have made this decision we will only have to choose a tunic, a cape and, of course, a wig and crown to accompany our dress.

Gift Costume

If we have the tree, the stars and those in charge of bringing us the greatest illusion at Christmas, the only thing we lack are gifts. Although at first sight, it can turn out to be a very difficult disguise to carry out, it is easier than it seems.

For this disguise, we will need a box with a lid to which we will remove the lower part so that we can put it on our children’s body. Once we have cut it and placed some ties so that it is well fastened on the shoulders, we will paint and decorate it in the way that we like the most. For this, we will use paintings, applications such as balls or candy and stickers that make our box an irresistible gift.

To complete this costume we will need a headband in which to stick the lid of the box, which we will also have previously decorated. In this way, if our children crouch, it will seem like a closed gift and when they get up, the lid will also rise.

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