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What Is the Difference Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday?

One day, focus on physical stores, while others focus on online shopping, right? Well, it really is.

Difference Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday: November in the United States has a 3-day holiday, either Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday or Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We already know what it is about Thanksgiving, but what is Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Are they just a shopping day next to the weekend? That’s not easy. Here we will explain.

The Difference Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday

Difference Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday

When Does Black Friday Start?

Black Friday has been around since the early 1950s when retailers started the Christmas season with special offers. The offer is so large that the store’s annual profits are “black” (in the accountant’s language, which means no red, that is, they do not waste money anymore). Consumers appear in hordes the day after Thanksgiving.

because it is free and makes it an ideal day to shop. That is what happens in a physical store. Then the Internet came. This year, Black Friday falls on November 23, but you can find deals before that.

When Is Cyber Monday?

Hard to believe, but the latest Cyber Monday and dates from 2005, then before it was natural to ask anything on the Internet, consumers wanted an incentive to do their shopping online so that digital stores began to build. Own proposal To compete with physical stores. Why call it Cyber Monday? In the past, the Internet was called cyberspace.

Why is Monday and not Saturday? It turns out that people like to shop while in the office with a fast computer and fast connections. At the beginning of the online shopping season, Monday became a very lucrative affair for digital stores.

Is Not the Same Thing?

Yes, and not Black Friday. From Cyber Monday retailers are the answer to cyberspace. So at first it went to physical stores on Friday and to the internet on Monday.

Black Friday is now online. Although many stores still have special deals on their physical facilities. But the digital world has accepted Black Friday. However, deals at physical stores are only available on Black Friday, while Cyber Monday is still the Internet.

What Are Some Special Offers That Day?

Depends on what you are looking for. The special offer of the store is better than you will find online on Friday or Monday because the store is willing to even lose money on the product as long as you shop.

Although current consumers tend to prefer online shopping and even though the offers are not as good as Cyber Monday like Black Friday, they are likely to generate more revenue in 2017. Cyber sales Monday, totaling $ 6,600 million in the United States, nearly double the 2016 figure, also surpassing Black Friday sales of $ 5,000 million, a record US.

Special offers from merchants or vendors require trained people to hold the crowds and limited inventory, such as Amazon Echo Dot horn (usually $ 50), available at the US for $ 30. in Shop and at online $ 35. The question is: is it worth it to bring up with the crowd for savings of US $ 5?

What You Should Know About Both Days

Do not miss out on today’s commercials and saucers. Every day can be Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I see great deals throughout the year. So the secret is to know what you want and keep an eye on the deals that are right for you.

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