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5 Curious News That Will Surprise You, November 23, 2018

Do not miss the most curious news that will surprise you, unusual and tender news of the networkHere we leave you the best five!

Curious News That Will Surprise You

# 1 Share the Money With the Bum Who Sold Him a Work of Art

Adam Gillian, a vagabond found a work of art from “Bambi” in a trash bin in Edmonton. Then he took her to an antique store to get a few dollars.

At first, Archbold thought it was a replica of an animation and paid Gillian 20 dollars for it. But when he discovered an old certificate of authenticity with a copyright date of 1937 (Bambi hit theaters in 1942), Archbold realized he had an original Disney animation that was worth far more than he had paid.

Curious News That Will Surprise You

Archbold sold the animation painting for $ 3,700 and shared half of the profits with Gillian. He also created a GoFundMe page to help Gillian off the streets this winter.

# 2 the Act of Kindness When Giving Masks to the Peasants to Protect Themselves From Smoke

Paulina Cortés of San Jose, California delivered masks for farm workers because air quality is still considered dangerous by Camp Fire. Paulina noted that the peasants were more than exposed: they work all day outdoors, in demanding conditions and that is compounded by the terrible quality of the air.

Curious News That Will Surprise You

He toured several stores in San Jose, Palo Alto and San Francisco where the masks were already sold out, but finally managed to collect some in Salinas.

The preschool teacher has won the hearts of everyone for doing such an act of generosity. “The story here is not that I delivered masks, it’s that there are hundreds of people working in dangerous protection environments. And nobody knows, “said Paulina.

# 3 Meets With His Cat, Who Survived the California Fire

Through a video, Hamish Patterson revealed that his cat, Mike, managed to survive the deadly California forest fire that devastated Malibu. The YouTuber burst into tears when he found his cat, Mike after his house burned in California’s devastating forest fires.

In the video, you can see Patterson showing his destroyed property and then hugging and kissing his beloved pet who survived Camp Fire for nine days.

# 4 Guinness Records: The highest vertical jump in the world

Evan Ungar of Mississauga, Ontario (Canada), established a new Guinness Records the highest vertical jump anyone has ever given. The Canadian needed to overcome 1.52 m, something he easily managed to jump on a platform that measured 1,616 m.

# 5 Video of the week: Baby disguised as a lazy

This baby that crawls around the house like a sloth is the most beautiful thing you’ll see today … Look at it, it will make you smile!

Jess Seiffert, the mother of three children and lover of the lazy, bought the curious costume for her baby and shared the tender images on Facebook.


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