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Christmas in Argentina: The Traditions in a Summer setting

Christmas in Argentina: In Argentina traditions are held very close to ours because of the great European influence in the country but, thanks to the time of year on the other side of the pond, its Christmas holidays are framed in a summer environment.

Christmas is the time to be with family. However, there are those who prefer to spend a different vacation or simply want to learn more about another culture.

Christmas in Argentina
Christmas in Argentina

We may feel very close to the people of Argentina for sharing the language, but in this article, we will surprise you by telling you how they celebrate Christmas in this beautiful country of the American continent.

The Tradition

Although it is not cold at this time of year in Argentina, tradition dictates that Christmas should be spent as a family, around an ornate Christmas tree and eating together a great dinner. During Christmas Eve people gather in the churches to celebrate Midnight Mass after the meal.

Due to the great European influence in Argentina (especially from Italy and Spain) it is normal to see in the houses the typical Christmas decoration ideas that we see here, full of snow, reindeer and Santa Claus. Who also brings gifts to Argentine children during the night after dinner and before Christmas Day itself. The gifts open that same night, as they do also in North America and then the adults have a few drinks (usually cider or juice mixed with pieces of fruit, very refreshing for summer) and, the younger ones, go out to dance while the older ones do it at home.

The good thing about it is not wintering during this celebration is that people in Argentina can celebrate the Christmas party in the garden or go for a walk after the pleasant evening. Finally, the Argentine homes are decorated in red and white colors, as is the tradition here, and with (even being summer Christmas in Argentina).


As it is very hot during this time of year in Argentina it is normal for people to celebrate Christmas dinner eating cold dishes. The most traditional food is the Vitel Tone: a salad of potato, hard-boiled egg, and mayonnaise. Another very common salad for this celebration is tuna and tomato (served cold). There are those who wish to take advantage of the good weather and go out to the garden to make a barbecue, or barbecue, a dish that is also traditional in this country.

The main course for Christmas dinner, after the salad as an entree, can be the grilled meat or the famous piano roll with cream of chicken, eggs, and olives. Its preparation is not as simple as it seems, but it is a delicious dish in which all the ingredients are rolled together creating a nice trunk shape that the Argentines adorn properly for Christmas day. This role can be prepared with other cold foods such as lettuce, sweet ham and assorted sauces, such as the famous golf that is a mixture between mayonnaise or mustard, an excellent companion for this cold dish.

The drinks are fruity, whether alcoholic or not. There are those who, as we have said, simply add pieces of fresh fruit to their cider or champagne. The dessert is desperate. As the weather is warm ice creams and frozen cakes are very common, but we can also find on an Argentine table on Christmas day nougat, chocolates and other desserts that are not necessarily cold or ice cream.

Thus, although Argentines mix the European and American Christmas tradition with their customs at the end the climate of the place comes out winning and with it the tasty food that is served on this special day : elaborated cold dishes that besides delighting the palate make the family enjoy together this special day to later go out on the street or dance to celebrate it.

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