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5 Christmas Decorations Ideas with Recycled materials

Christmas Decorations Ideas: Christmas Decorations Ideas is the favorite time of year for many people. It is the moment they have been waiting to meet their loved ones around a huge table full of food or a giant tree whose feet keep the gifts of the whole family. As if by magic, illusion, and hope flood every corner of the house and you breathe a pleasant atmosphere that brings out the feeling that nothing bad can happen. Of course, decoration plays a fundamental role in this case, and that is that Easter would not be the same without the cribs, garlands or led lights that invade the streets.

Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas Decorations Ideas
Christmas Decorations Ideas

However, Christmas also has a rather obscure hidden part with which, among all, it must be completely finished. There is no doubt that this is a time of excess in which the wildest capitalism shows its ugly face and turns the whole world into authentic machines to buy, splurge and throw away.

As if this were not negative enough for the domestic economy, it also plays havoc with the only house that all human beings share: the planet Earth. Millions of plastics, wrappings, and papers end up in landfills and electricity consumption shoots up, generating tremendous environmental damage that is repeated year after year.

In this sense, it is important to pitch in and fight against the uncontrolled waste that occurs during Christmas, starting with ornaments. Putting into practice the rule of the three R’s -reduce, recycle and reuse- you can celebrate a responsible Easter with the environment in which the desire to decorate a house with new elements does not have to be incompatible with moderate consumption.

Using some waste and materials that usually end up in the garbage, you can make beautiful pieces of decoration that, in addition, will be the most original of the neighborhood. You do not believe it? Well, check out these ideas.


Everyone has an empty glass jar thrown around, and surely it can give you more uses than you thought. After washing them well, you can fill them with objects of all kinds to create unique pieces that fit any decorative style: pinecones, garlands, colored pebbles or even led lights.

A good option is to collect two or three ping pong balls and paste them with strong silicone to form a snowman. After painting the face and ornaments, stick it inside the pot and fill the container with water and glitter. For the cover, you can color and adhere a bow or any other colorful element. In a jiffy, you will have made your own Christmas snowball.


Take advantage of all the wine bottles that you will drink during Christmas to make your own ornaments from their caps. Thanks to its malleability and resistance, cork is an ideal material to create all kinds of figures that you can hang from your tree to give it a unique touch that you will not see in another home. Paint them in colors that remember this time of the year, such as red, gold or silver, and tie them with rope to be able to place them. Using hot silicone, you can also collect several pieces to join them and make different shapes with them, like stars, snowmen or whatever happens, only you put the limit!


Do not get rid of the plastic bottles of soda, either, just as with the corks, you can join their plugs to create the shapes you prefer. Also, have you noticed that the asses of these containers are reminiscent of flowers or snowflakes?

In this way, you can cut the base to an approximate height of two and a half centimeters and, very carefully, burn the edges to round them and not cut. Then, paint in silver or white some lines that simulate the cracks of a snowflake or use another tone to simulate flowers. Finally, make a hole in one of the ends to hang it where you want with the help of a string.


In the storage rooms of almost all the houses, you can find an old box full of Christmas Decorations Ideas with more years of history than the grandparents of the family. If you consider that they have gone out of style or are badly damaged, do not throw them away to buy new ones, better restore them and give them a second life!

If the problem is the balls that hang from the Christmas tree, you can paint them again to make them look newer or cover them with all kinds of materials: glitter, cotton that simulates the snow, buttons, pieces of CDs that no longer work, .. Once again, you must test your creativity to make something original that leaves your guests stony.


In this case, they will need to make a few molten bulbs, but they must be round so that the final appearance is much more attractive. Once you have them, you can paint them white and draw the face of a snowman in the narrowest part. Then, stick a few small buttons and surround the neck of the bulb with a narrow piece of cloth that simulates a scarf.

Another option is to open the bulb, empty it and fill it with cotton or cork so that the result is more original. You do not need to paint a snowman, but you can imagine dozens of different models. For example, if you have a small Santa Claus cap, you can place it on the base of the bulb and paint your face on the rounded part.

You have already seen it, you can make different Christmas Decorations Ideas from recycled materials! The best of all is not that your decoration will be the most original of the family, but that you will help celebrate Easter in a sustainable and respectful way with the increasingly damaged environment.

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