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Trump Questions Climate Science Amid Thanksgiving Cold: ‘whatever Happened to Global Warming?’

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Trump Questions Climate Science: Before the announcement of the meteorologists who predict that this Thanksgiving will be the coldest since there are records, President Trump asks on Twitter “What happened to global warming?”

Trump Questions Climate Science
New York, Boston, and Philadelphia are among the cities that expect a “brutal and prolonged” cold this weekend of Thanksgiving.

President Donald Trump again questioned climate change on Wednesday because of the cold wave that will hit the northeast of the country during the Thanksgiving festivities and that will leave temperatures of up to 20 degrees below zero.

“A brutal and prolonged cold can break all records, what has happened to global warming?” Trump questioned in a message on Twitter.

Forecasters predict that this Thanksgiving will be the coldest since there are records.

In New York the negative record is 22 degrees and dates from 1871, in Boston, it is 24 in 1901 and in Philadelphia 30 in 1996.

In these three cities, minimum temperatures of between 15 and 21 degrees are expected, while in other cities of New England such as Burlington or Portland the thermometers can mark the 7 degrees between Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Winds in the areas of New England and the Adirondack Mountains (New York State) will cause the wind chill to approach 20 degrees below zero.

This is not the first time Trump has questioned climate change due to a wave of extreme cold.

Last year, for the New Year, Trump said that the United States would do well “a little” of global warming to combat the low temperatures that marked the 40 below zero in some places in the northeast and the Midwest.

“In the east, it could be the coolest New Year’s Eve of the holidays, maybe we could use a bit of that old global warming that our country, but not others, was going to pay billions of dollars to fight. said Trump on Twitter.

Trump has denied the existence of global warming and has said that it is a Chinese “invention”.

The president in June 2017 withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change in a controversial decision that left his country as the only one in the world outside the treaty.


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