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Black Friday Online Shopping Tips For Finding Online Door (And Claim if Necessary)

The ‘Black Friday’ is just around the corner, but before launching to buy, it is important to take into account some security premises

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips: The Black Friday is just around the corner and you can see it even in the atmosphere. The websites of many companies have already been dyed black to announce very high that next November 23 (in the briefest cases) they will offer discounts on a large part of their products or even, they will stretch the effect of the known as ‘Black Friday’ of the commerce to a whole week of promotions in physical and online stores; and in the main shopping streets, the big brands are already preparing their heavy artillery for what will be the prelude to Christmas shopping.

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips

Such is the grip of this American tradition the Municipal Transport Company has already warned that it has prepared an action plan for November 23 with which to strengthen public transport to major areas Shopping centers in the city center and Amazon e-commerce giant Amazon (as did its Chinese competitor in Sotero’s Day), has announced that it will open an ephemeral store in the center of the city to show the main offers of its portal.

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips

However, as has happened in recent years, the most anticipated is that where you live the most ‘Black Friday’, it is on the internet. Online purchases will be multiplied in the next few days and this is the place where problems with cybercrime, scams or credit card payments can arise. To avoid them, from the Confidential, we have prepared a guide with tips to shop online and submit the claim if necessary.

Before Buy

  1. Save the advertising: Although it sounds a little exaggerated, experts recommend saving all the publicity that is received on the ‘Black Friday’, especially those items that we are interested in acquiring, because this advertising is binding, which means that can serve as a guarantee to the consumer if the advertised conditions are not met at the time of the sale.
  2. Review the evolution of the price: Before deciding to buy, it is important that you check if what you’re really seeing is a bargain since in recent years some consumers have reported a price increase in the days before the ‘Black Friday ‘that turns the offers of this day into true mirages. For this, in addition to reviewing the price a few days before in physical stores, the best option is to track online prices through applications.


At the Time of Purchase

  1. Buy from a secure network: Public Wi-Fi networks may not be secure. In these connections can occur data theft and therefore, it is better to avoid buying from one of them.
  2. Check that the site is safe: When you make an online purchase the first step is to verify that it is a secure site. For this, it is necessary to check that the URL of the web where you are going to buy starts with “https: //”or that next to it appears the icon of a padlock. If it appears, the web has a digital certificate, which guarantees that it is a secure site. In addition, it is also advisable to have clear the conditions of the page before making the purchase: the number of shipping costs, returns and delivery times and to know if the headquarters of the firm is in Spain or abroad. In this case, it must be clear that communication with firms located abroad is much more complicated than with companies that are in the country.
  3. Review all conditions: The ‘mega sales’ are always suspects. That is why it is more than advisable to check all the conditions of the purchase before proceeding to the payment. In addition, we must remember that companies are required to show the original price next to the discount or the rebate percentage.
  4. Between debit and credit, credit: If you have several cards to buy and some are debit and others credit, to avoid problems it is best to use the credit, because in these cases, the money used in the Purchases do not have to be in the bank account and in many cases, these cards include several security mechanisms. In addition, many of these cards (depending on the bank) offer the possibility of accumulating points that can be exchanged later for products of certain brands or discounts on other purchases.
  5. Never give the PIN: Whatever the card, and whatever web you buy, to purchase an online product will not be necessary to enter the secret code of the card (the PIN). If in some case it is requested, it is best to abandon the purchase and look for the product in another way. Of course, do not confuse the pin with the security code of the card that is on the back of it (CID), since this is usually that is required to verify that it is a valid card for the pay.

It’s Already Mine!

  1. Save all the documentation: Once you have done with the product, it is time to save all the documentation of the purchase. It is important to keep the receipts and e-mails that justify the purchase in case there is a problem in the future and some change or return is required, or even if the product never arrives at our house and we have to file a claim.
  2. If you decide to return it, you have 14 days: In the online purchases you have 14 days to review your decision and if you regret it, return the product. If you do it in time, they will have to return all the money.

Does Not Reach? It’s Time to Claim

If the time has come to put a claim either because the product has not arrived or has arrived defective, we must remember that in online purchases the consumer has the same rights as in purchases in physical establishments.

  1. Contact the seller: The first step will be to contact the online seller and ask for a solution. To do this, it is best to do so from a path that allows you to leave a record, or through the email or contact form. In addition, there is also the path of social networks, as many companies have a customer service area available to users of Twitter or Facebook.
  2. If there is no answer, submit a claim: If it is a warranty claim, misleading advertising, on issues related to incorrect services or faults in shipping, the simplest is to go to a municipal or regional office of the consumer as long as the company to which it is claimed is domiciled in Spain. In these offices, it will be possible to verify if the company has adhered to the Consumer Arbitration System, and if it is, arbitration may be requested as an alternative mechanism for the resolution of the conflict.


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