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Ryan Reynolds Kidnaps Fred Savage in ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ Trailer

Ryan Reynolds Kidnaps Fred Savage: And on top with the stellar help of an essential character in that movie.

The lights adorning the streets, the crowds in the shops and the smell of roasted chestnuts floating in the air are not the only signs that Christmas is just around the corner. In short, the billboard will also be transformed into a paradise for lovers of family cinema, who find their particular oasis at this time to flee from films whose argument can pervert the most innocent minds.

Ryan Reynolds Kidnaps Fred Savage

What these guardians of morals never imagined is that this year among those titles to see as a family was going to find Deadpool 2the superhero fan of the eschatological and sexual jokes that Ryan Reynolds plays and that according to just announced returns to the cinemas these holidays in a new version suitable for almost all audiences: approved for over 13 years.

Of course, it does not because the actor needs to reach more viewers. In fact, Deadpool 2 has the record of being the movie rated for over 18 years that has raised more money in history. No, if he now returns to the cinema in this “self-censored” version, it is because the Fox studios promised that all the proceeds would go to charities.

“But what’s the point of seeing this irreverent film again in a light version?” Many will ask. At the end of the day, the beauty of this movie were those jokes, such beasts inconceivable in other superhero films. Well, nothing better than watching the trailer they have shot specifically to announce this return to get the answer. Because one thing is not being able to make uptight jokes, and another to give up on icons of contemporary popular culture.

And that’s just what Reynolds gets with this trailer, which pays tribute to none other than The promised princess with the help of Fred Savage himself, that boy whose grandfather told him the story in the original film and is now forced to endure the beating as an adult because Deadpool has him tied to the bed.

A tribute that, by the way, could not come at a better time given that last week the world lamented the death of William Goldman, the author of the novel on which the film was based. Would not it be great if some cinema dared these days to project a double program with both films?


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