The New Attorney General Whitaker Charged 1.2 Million of Unknown Origin, Reveals the Washington Post

An article in “The Washington Post” reveals that Matthew Whitaker, appointed by President Donald Trump after the dismissal of Jeff Sessions, collected $ 1.2 million from an organization of which he was his only worker

Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker collected $ 1.2 million between 2014 and 2017 from a non-profit organization of which he was the only worker whose funding is doubtful, according to The Washington Post.

Whitaker, appointed by President Donald Trump after the firing of Jeff Sessions, joined the organization, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), after moving to Washington in 2014.

The capital newspaper said in its article that it could not establish either the origin of FACT funding or that of the organization itself, founded in 2012 under a different name.

A spokesperson for FACT told the Post that the organization is not required to disclose its source of funding, although tax returns to which the newspaper had access reveal that part of the money came from DonorsTrust, an organization used to make anonymous donations to conservative entities.

“Like almost all non-profit organizations, including those with similar goals, the FACT is not obligated to disclose donor information, which protects the freedom of expression rights of all group donors,” the spokesperson said.

When Whitaker joined FACT, he worked as an attorney in Iowa for a salary of $ 79,000 per year.

In the federal capital, his salary as president of FACT shot up reaching 1.2 million dollars in about three years.

Whitaker worked as Sessions’ chief of staff when Trump appointed him attorney general on an interim basis.

His appointment generated much controversy as Attorney General Whitaker went on to supervise the investigation into the Russian plot that is headed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, of which he is a strong critic.


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