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Top Curious News of Last Week on November 16, 2018

Ready to continue reading the Top Curious News of Last Week? Here I present the most curious, unusual and viral news of the week. You can not miss it!

# 1 Five-year-old Russian Made 4,105 Push-ups in 145 Minutes

Five-year-old Rajim Kuríyev did 4,105 push-ups in 145 minutes, an incredible feat he wants to repeat before a special commission. Kadýrov has assured that “he could have done more, but his father” stopped him “. The doctors have confirmed that their physical condition is excellent and those exercises are not harmful to a child of five years.

The child trains at home under the guidance of his father. Here we leave you a video that shows the arduous exercise routines performed by Rajim.

# 2 Woman makes fun of the engagement ring her boyfriend bought her

A woman has posted on Facebook an image of the engagement ring that her boyfriend would give her to commit. “The shame of Friday, there I go,” the woman wrote under a photo of the ring. ” I found this at my son’s table. I’m not a fan. Please take a look and then tell me how to tactfully say no, you need to go find something different. ”

Top Curious News of Last Week

As expected, the woman did not receive any advice and her publication was filled with criticism for complaining about the ring … What do you think?

# 3 Firefighters Rescue a Cat From the Devastating California Fire

Firefighters from the Foster City Fire Department who were sent to Butte County to fight the fire rescued an injured cat. The cat was hiding in the bushes trying to escape from the flames.

The cat had burns on its legs, seemed dehydrated and malnourished. The firemen called the cat “Foster” and gave him food and water. In addition, local animal services are now treating and caring for the cat.

# 4 Strangers Share a Meal at Mcdonald’s and the Moment Goes Viral

Two strangers in the state of Indiana, in the United States, caught the attention when they decided to share a meal at McDonald’s. Amanda Craft, a teacher from Noblesville, Indiana, was eating with her colleagues when she saw an older woman approach a young man and ask if he could sit at his table. They dined together for about 45 minutes, talking about everything.

Eric Haralson won the hearts of netizens for performing a simple act of kindness towards a stranger.

# 5 Guinness Record: the Fastest Time to Wrap a Person in Plastic

Youtuber Dekakin set a Guinness record for the fastest time to wrap a person in plastic: 1 minute, 58 seconds. Dekakin, had the help of Ichiho Shirahata, a member of the group Gokigen Teikoku “Gekijo-ban” whose experience in ballet was very useful for the challenge.

The couple practiced for hours to perfect their technique before the official attempt.

California faces one of the deadliest wildfires in history. Despite that, today we share one of the most inspiring stories about this tragedy.

Desiree Borden and her husband, escaped with their little one and their dogs, believing that the fire would destroy their house. But hours later he received a Facebook message from a stranger, asking if that was his house. The message read: ” We got stuck there. The house saved our life. ”

The nurse who wrote that message explained in detail: ” Our ambulance caught fire and we used their garage to take care of our patients there until we could be sure … their garage turned out to be a safe place!”


# 5 Horse Hides in the Pool to Survive the California Fire

Jeff Hill discovered a mare that was floating on the deck of a pool to escape the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise. Thanks to the pool, the mare survived the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

The mare that was fleeing the flames of the Camp Fire ended up trapped in the pool deck, which prevented her from drowning keeping her afloat. Jeff and a friend who accompanied him rushed to release her untying the deck of the pool and guiding her out the

The photos of the mare in the pool has moved everyone, revealing how vulnerable animals are to wildfires.


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