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This Family Fled the Camp Fire: Then They Learned Their Garage Became a Makeshift Hospital

Family Fled the Camp Fire: California faces one of the deadliest wildfires in history. Despite that, today we share one of the most inspiring stories about this tragedy.

Family Fled the Camp Fire
Desiree Borden and her husband, escaped with their little one and their dogs, believing that the fire would destroy their house. But hours later he received a Facebook message from a stranger, asking if that was his house. The message read: ” We got stuck there. The house saved our life. ”

The nurse who wrote that message explained in detail: ” Our ambulance caught fire and we used their garage to take care of our patients there until we could be sure … their garage turned out to be a safe place!”

Family Fled the Camp Fire
One of the ambulances that were consumed by fire (Tamara Ferguson)

In an act of desperation, a paramedic burst into the house of the Borden family, on November 8. They took three patients, and then they were joined by others, finally, 13 people took refuge from the fire.

Borden’s house was the only house that miraculously did not catch fire, the doctor and the patients took refuge in the garage while the fire swirled around them.

“It was amazing how quickly the fire moved, there was no way out,” Tamara Ferguson said in an interview with The Washington Post. “The safest thing was to wait there.”

The ambulances in which paramedics and patients went began to fill with smoke and melt, so they had to seek refuge.

“There was no place we could go. We turned into the nearest dead end and found the only house that was not on fire, “said Nurse Ferguson.

Family Fled the Camp Fire
Tamara Ferguson

Ferguson said she was convinced she would die. “I called my family and I said goodbye,” he said.

Finally, after long hours of uncertainty, they were rescued.

Mrs. Borden was surprised that her house did not burn and saved the lives of 13 people.

Unfortunately not all have run with this fortune, until Sunday, November 18, more than 70 people have died and more than 1,200 are missing, However, this is one of many stories of survivors who come together to help each other in difficult times.


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