Fred Flintstone Is Arrested in Florida for Speeding In Prehistoric Smart Car

A policeman from Pasco County in Florida, United States, arrested a man and gave him a citation ticket for driving at speeding. The curious thing about this routine event in the work of the agent is that the driver dressed as Pedro Flinstone (Fred Flinstone) and the vehicle he was driving was the “troncomóvil” of the famous series “The Flintstones”.

Arrested in Florida for Speeding
The man named Don Swartz dressed like Fred Flintstone when he was stopped by the Pasco County officer. Taken from Facebook

The images were shared by Pasco County on its official Facebook page about 9 days ago, but it was recently Viralized with media such as HuffPost and Miami Herald dedicating news to it.

In the publication, the county reports that Officer H. Echeverria arrested the man named Don Swartz for speeding in a neighborhood.

The message accompanied by several photos of the “troncomóvil” and Swartz dressed as Flintstones reached more than 2 thousand reactions on Facebook.

“Mr. Flinstone received a citation for speed, he became unruly and had to be arrested. After an additional investigation, Mr. Flinstone received a notice of appearance and was released, “joked the account.

The vehicle was retained by Officer Echeverría. “This is what Police Intelligence in the Stone Age looked like,” said Pasco County.


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