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What Is the Shortest Commercial Flight in the World?

The Shortest Commercial Flight in the World: A few days ago the news of the longest commercial flight in the world resonated: 16,700 kilometers, a nonstop flight between New York and Singapore, lasting more than 18 hours. Now, what is the shortest commercial flight in the world? Let’s see.
Shortest Commercial Flight

When we talk about a short flight, how much time do you imagine? 15 minutes, 10, 5? Well, actually we talk about seconds, do you find it incredible and unusual?

The shortest commercial flight in the world. Most of these short flights serve to link nearby islands that belong to the same archipelago. That happens with Westray and Papa Westray, Scotland, with a distance between the two of 3 kilometers. Since 1967 the airline Loganair flies that route, charging a fee per passenger of about $ 10 dollars. The estimated time is 2 minutes, but the record is in 53 seconds, can you believe it?

Shortest Commercial Flight

A flight of 70 seconds. Another express flight is the one that connects the aerodromes of Kegata and Apowo, in the Indonesian province of West Papua, at more than 4,500 meters of altitude, separated by less than 2 kilometers. To get there people would have to cross a rugged valley, so it is better to take a flight. Of course, as soon as the plane takes off, the pilot is already preparing the landing. Curious, right?

Shortest Commercial Flight

Another flight inside a small island. On the island of Molokai, Hawaii, there is a curious flight on the same island. Two towns that are separated by 4 kilometers are joined by a 15-minute flight at a cost of $ 60. Is it not possible to walk from one town to another? Well, from Ho’olehua to Kalaupapa, stands one of the highest coastal cliffs in the world, up to 1,010 meters above the level of the Pacific Ocean. Amazing!

Shortest Commercial Flight

The shortest international flight. For many years, the shortest international commercial flight was between Switzerland and Germany. Until 2017, the airline Niki was flying from San Galo, Switzerland, to Friedrichshafen, Germany, with a duration of eight minutes, but in the absence of passengers, it stopped working. Currently, there is a flight that travels 19 kilometers from the Dutch part of the island of San Martin of the British island of Anguilla. The route is completed in less than ten minutes.


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