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Thanos Was Right: Superheroes Are More Violent Than Villains

Superheroes Are More Violent Than Villains: If there is something that Thanos made clear in Avengers: Infinity War is that he is, at the moment, the most powerful villain of the Marvel Universe. His intricate plan to exterminate half of creation is one of the evilest in the history of cinema. But, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, its evil depends on the prism with which one looks at it.

Superheroes Are More Violent Than Villains

The study has been presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics and ensures that considering Thanos more dangerous than superheroes is a matter of perspective and assessment of the global consequences. Although the villains represent a dubious moral at the time of committing their acts, the superheroes are more violent in general.

Researchers used the top 10 blockbuster films of 2015 and 2016, both Marvel and DCSuicide SquadBatman v SupermanAvengers: The Age of Ultron ), considering the protagonists as good and the antagonists as bad and analyzing the actions of the characters one by one.

And the results are amazing. The superheroes had an average of 23 violent acts per hour of the film, while the villains did not exceed 18 violent acts on average. In addition, they also observed that good people are more likely to appear on the screen fighting, using deadly weapons and destroying material goods.

However, the most alarming is the rate at which superheroes commit murders. A total of 168 average murders for the heroes against 93 of the villains. Only in one of the categories of the study did the bad guys win, in threats and intimidations, where they had 237 cases against the 144 of the heroes.

“Children and adolescents see superheroes as ‘good guys’ and can be influenced by their depictions of acts of risk and violence,” explains the study’s author, Professor Robert Olympia of Penn State. “Those responsible for pediatrics should educate families about the violence represented in this genre of films and the risks that children can face when trying to emulate their heroes.”

Although the study is very interesting, we must not forget that the vast majority of actions of superheroes are motivated by the actions of villains, especially in categories such as property damage or use of lethal weapons. So to speak, if the Chitauri had not attacked, the Avengers would not have destroyed New York.

If the actions of Thanos, whether considered bad or good, end up being definitive, it will be revealed on May 3, 2019, when Avengers 4 arrives in theaters.


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