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Latest Curiosity News in This Week, November 09, 2018

Latest Curiosity News: Of course, I could not miss, one of your favorite sections: Only here you will see the most curious, unusual and tender news of the network.

Latest Curiosity News

Latest Curiosity News in This Week

Here I leave the five best …

Man Dies 8 Years After Swallowing a Live Slug

In 2010, then rugby player Sam Ballard accepted an unusual challenge posed by his friends: swallowing a living garden slug. The experience left him paralyzed and with significant brain damage.

Latest Curiosity News

The doctors diagnosed him with a lungworm infection in rats and he fell into a coma that lasted 420 days. The event, which became a topical issue a few months ago due to the struggle of the boy’s family with the Australian government, ended with the death of Sam Ballard. Ballard died in a hospital in Sydney at the age of 28 years surrounded by family and friends.

Capture a Giant Python in Miami

Kyle Penniston, of Homestead, captured a Burmese python while hunting on land in the South Florida Water Management District last Monday night. In the shared images Kyle Penniston is shown with the female snake measuring 5.3 meters long and weighing about 55 kilograms.

Kyle Penniston ended up with his hands swollen from the snake’s bites as he fought with her. Broward, Collier, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties pay hunters for finding snakes, the economic benefit is determined by the length of the animal, as well as the nests with eggs they find. All this work is done in an effort to help preserve the natural wildlife of the Everglades and other protected areas of the State.

The Tender Friendship Between a Donkey and an Emu Makes Adoption Difficult

Both animals were rescued in Kershaw, South Carolina when their owner suddenly vanished last week, The Charlotte Observer reported. Jennifer Gordon, of the non-profit organization Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, says the owner also abandoned other animals.

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Here is some videos of Jack and Diane. We are getting a lot if messages right now and ask that people interested in adopting email adopt@cwrescue.org the phone lines are for injured birds and they do not have information on animals for adoption. Media, you may use our pictures and video as long as you give us credit. We are amazed at how far reaching this story is!! Some other questions we are getting asked do the cussler or snuggle. While they huddled together for the trailer ride home donkeys and Emus by nature really dont cuddle ir snuggle. So you wont really see pictures of them doing this. We determined they were bonded based on the behaviour when they were separated. Also Jack attacked another donkey who got NEAR Diane. He is protective of her. We tried letting Diane near our emu Dino and we struck out again. Theybare perfectly.happy together. Jack does not want any other donkeys near him or Diane. They cant be housed with other donkeys or emus. I think all.the hoopla is tiring them out and we have asked for a break for them. This is a new place and they havent had a ton of human contact. They are friendly but not used to this traffic. Donations for their rescue and of other animals are greatly needed. Cwrescue.org/donate/ for info on donating.

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Jennifer Gordon tried to separate them, but the donkey started crying, and the emu got mad. Apparently, the donkey does not even like to be with the other donkeys in the shelter. The unusual friendship between the bird and the mammal is such that the two huddle and sleep together

Animals can not be separated, so someone should adopt both animals and that will not be an easy task.

Guinness Record: the Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Simultaneously With Hands and Feet

That Jianyu has won two more titles from Guinness Records. The 13-year-old set a new record by solving three Rubik’s cubes in just 1 minute 36.39 seconds.

In addition, he recorded the fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube with a time of 15.84 seconds, beating the previous best by 1.6 seconds.

Viral Video of the Week: The Adorable Hug Between a Dog and a Goose

A Twitter user shared a tender video starring a dog and a goose. In the video that has been seen more than 9 million times in the network and has been retweeted more than 185,000 times, we can see the dog sharing a loving embrace with the goose.

The Mysterious Airplane Underwater That Appears in Google Earth

Robert Morton discovered what appears to be an airplane under the ocean while navigating in Google Earth. The mysterious images show the plane off the coast of Edinburgh.

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Mr. Morton described the finding as “incredible and very strange”. “It seems to be the sea, just in front of the Edinburgh coast. It is something strange and incredible. Actually, I’ve never seen an airplane in Google Earth, it seems to be underwater, “Morton said.

Although at first sight, it seems to be an airplane underwater, it can be just a failure or a “Google anomaly”, since no plane crash was recorded in the area where the object appears to be located. However, Google Earth has not confirmed anything about it.

A Young Man Asks His Girlfriend for Marriage During the New York Marathon

Last weekend a boy proposed to his girlfriend, who was participating in the marathon in New York City. Dennis Galvin jumped over a barrier and on his knees asked his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Curran, to marry him.

Runner Kaitlyn Curran, a nurse at St. Barnabas Hospital, was approaching 25 kilometers from the competition when her boyfriend, a firefighter from Jersey City, NJ, surprised her with a unique marriage proposal. Kaitlyn Curran said “yes”, gave a kiss to her future husband and then joined the race; but now with an engagement ring in his hand.

Finally, the couple met at the finish line and celebrated the commitment with family and friends.

Although this was a very special moment for the couple, some netizens have spoken out against it because they believe that it was the wrong time for the proposal and interrupt their career.

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