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17+ Romantic Happy New Year Wishes for Lover in 2020

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover- Beautiful messages of love to receive the new year. Each new year that passes is like a blank page. New challenges to fulfill, new illusions, new dreams and new moments to live, among others.

Happy New Year Wishes Quotes Messages for Lover

We leave behind all the bad things that happened in the last year and we focus on starting with the right foot in this new year. We aspire to be excellent in every aspect of our lives, both professionally and emotionally.

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

When a person ends a love relationship just before the new year, it is truly devastating. It is not easy to spend a new year with the mood on the floor, which is why, if you know someone who is going through a break in the new year, you need to give your support by sharing tender phrases that will help this person feel much better. On the other hand, in the same way, you can share these phrases with all kinds of friends and loved ones you want.

Romantic Cute Thoughts to Wish the New Year 2020

  • :: “I am aware of how difficult this year was for you but don’t worry, it is already ending happily. It’s sad to see that you did not have luck in love this time, but it’s never too late. I am sure that this coming year will go much better in the emotional field. I will be here to give you my moral support and advise you on what I can. I wish you will be the best for the future and to start a new chapter in your life full of positive energy and surrounded by good people. “
  • :: “You have to risk to win, but you must also know how to lose. As much as you feel that you failed in love, you won in many other things. You discovered that not all people are sincere and kind, you learned to identify bad companies. Better late than never. Eliminate that ugly stage of your mind and start from scratch with an open heart, you will see how everything good will come back at any time. “

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover


  • “This year you received the cutest gift of all: the love of your life. The love, you always deserved finally touched your door. What I most want in this new year, is that your love grows more and more and stronger with every each day. You are one of the lucky ones who found the perfect person whom you looking for. Remember to keep the flame of love burning in both good and bad times. Happy New Year!”.
  • :: “Love is a very complicated issue, not all of us find the ideal partner to accompany us on a daily basis. There are people who simply do not believe in the idea of living their whole life with just one person or do not believe that it is possible to fall in love. As much as love is not easy to find, there is nothing more beautiful than being in love. I hope that this year you can find it and that everything is happiness in your life. Never give up, the one who follows her gets it. “
  • “If I could only ask for one wish for the new year that is to come, it would be that everyone will find true love. Friend, I know that you already found yours, but I also want that love to last forever and to grow more each year. I would like to follow your relationship example when I find someone who makes me happy as your partner makes you feel. You are an admirable person and you will always have me for anything you need. Follow the successes, dear friend. “

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

Love is the purest and most real feeling that exists. This feeling can cure everything. If you feel that someday you want to throw in the towel, then look for the person you love and give you all the necessary strength to move on. What we most want is to see everyone happy and start this new year with the best possible vibes at the side of their loved ones.

We hope that these phrases have motivated you and that you share them with those people who still do not find that special person and also with those who have already found it. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year I Love You wish – Love Messages for the New Year

This romantic year to send to someone you love. This is what these ideas of texts of happy holidays of love propose to you. To offer your best wishes of love to a man or a woman whom we love is the most beautiful proof of love!

Romantic Wishes – Happy New Year Wishes for Lover 2020

  • My heart and my soul send you a thousand romantic poems to tender wishes
    My feelings for you are the ocean flooding with happiness
    My little darling, my treasure I offer you my softness and my warmth
    People of my life, my sweetest and wildest wishes are reserved for you
    Our loving hearts will be a romantic journey for the New Year! I love you
    The message from a woman/man of your life!

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

Romantic Happy New Year for Lover

  • What can I wish for being stronger and more beautiful than to continue to love you?
    My sweetie, what sweet words can you say that I love you forever?
    My dearest wish is to drown in your eyes and submit to your beauty
    May New Year 2020 is a land of love for us, where you will be my sweet queen!
  • It doesn’t matter how much time passes when you love for eternity
    It doesn’t matter how many years spend with you.
    You are a beautiful flower and my rich aroma is full of beauty.
    My greatest wish is to be with you forever!
    Happy New Year 2020 I Love You, My Love

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

  • In this wonderful holiday season, I would like to write to you my dedication
    The great dedication of my feelings for you my soul-mate
    You are my most beautiful love story where I hurt the drug
    I love you passionately and express you my best wishes

Happy New Year Greeting Messages 2020

  • My passion is intense and gentle, I like your strength when you come to me.
    My beautiful horse is nice and strong when you flood me with your delicious seeds.
    When the New Year dawns, I want to be in your arms.
    My desire for you is to express human desires for you.
    Let the next twelve months be an opportunity to love each other!

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

  • I want your charm to disarm me for the next 12 months.
    The fact that you enjoy yourself in your cave is a joy to everyone becoming a king.
    You are a beauty queen and a princess of my night where every desire becomes reality.
    You are my hottest imagination, realize that you are the happiness and prosperity of the masses.
    Happy New Year, good health and thousands of kisses of people want to fill you ever.

Romantic Happy New Year Messages for Lover

  • This SMS to announce my love to a loving lady which I love secretly
    I want to accept my sweet feelings through this SMS on the occasion of New Year’s Day
    Write to tell her that what she loves is my best wish, without her life let me rest.
    Tell her that she is my destiny, a promise of good happiness that I will respect
  • Little love text for a handsome man that I want close to me
    Sms of a woman in love with a man who immerses her in emotion
    Romantic declaration sent to your heart to tell him my feelings
    Feelings for you, my prince charming, What I want as a lover
    My dearest wish is that our two hearts do not make more than a
    Happy New Year 2020 to you that I love in silence …

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