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10 Fun Christmas Activities for Guaranteed Fun

Fun Christmas Activities: Christmas is the ideal time to prepare your favorite sweets, go out to enjoy Christmas decorations or make your own home theater.

Fun Christmas Activities
Fun Christmas Activities

Fun Christmas Activities

Christmas is a time to remember good times, get up sweet and enjoy the festive atmosphere. And there are a thousand things you can do during this date accompanied by your family and friends. If you prefer to stay at home in the heat, do not worry. There are a lot of plans that you can arrange without getting away from the couch and the blanket. But, if you are one of those who defies the cold Christmas with a good coat, gloves and a hat, for you there are also some ideas that are guaranteed fun.

1. Decorating the House for Christmas

Decorating your home with tinsel and glass balls is one of the compulsory Christmas plans. Also, who does not enjoy doing it?

Fun Christmas Activities
Fun Christmas Activities

It’s true that at the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming when you do not remember where the box you kept last year with all the trimmings is, but everyone is excited to fill the house with lights and streamers. Some people opt for a more sober and demure style and who prefers that their house looks like a resplendent bazaar, but everyone has a great time filling their Christmas tree with crystal balls.

2. Prepare Your Own Home Ornaments

Spending an afternoon making your own decorations is an ideal option to enjoy with children … but it is also perfect if you do not have children.

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And there is nothing more festive than surrounding yourself with glitter, glue, and cards and let your imagination fly to create your own home decor. On the internet, you will find a lot of ideas and instructions with which to make beautiful ornaments, from basic crafts to decorations that seem taken from a design catalog. Surely, in the end, you get fun and end up making so many ornaments that you will not know where to put them.

3. Cooking Your Favorite Sweets

Christmas is the perfect excuse for the sweet tooth to stick a good bite of sweets and candies. Trying to cook your favorite desserts is one of the best plans for Christmas dates, and is that not only you will have a great time, but you will be warm with the fires on and you will be able to get up without suffering any remorse.

Fun Christmas Activities

If you do not know how to cook do not worry, you can find a lot of simple recipes of nougat, biscuits, and cookies with which to surprise your guests. Do not hesitate and get your hands on the dough!

4. Marathon of Christmas Movies

This idea will delight all those who like to stay on the couch sheltered from the cold that makes the street. Of course, during the holidays is not worth seeing anything on television: only films set at Christmas. And there is no excuse since the catalog of options is infinite.

Fun Christmas Activities
Fun Christmas Activities

You can opt for the classics like ‘Only at home’ or ‘The Grinch’ or opt for the romanticism of ‘Love Actually’ or the macabre scenarios of Tim Burton in ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. Prepare yourself some good popcorn, cover yourself with a warm blanket and enjoy a few hours of Christmas fun.

5. Gymkhana of Board Games

One of the most classic plans for this era is board games. And is that only with a die and a board can you spend an entire afternoon between laughs and piques with your friends. If you are one of those who prefers to challenge yourself as a team, do not hesitate in good games to the ‘Party’ or ‘Taboo’.

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On the other hand, if you love to spend hours surrounded by cards, dice and strategies, surely the ‘Risk’ or the ‘Cluedo’ you love. Of course, a good afternoon of games does not have the appropriate end if you do not all end up on the floor and entangled after a round of ‘Twister’.

6. The Invisible Friend

This game can never be missed at Christmas. With friends, family or colleagues … the invisible friend is ideal to organize with everyone. Some people are always very lucky (or very imaginative) and know perfectly what to give to the person who has touched them.

Fun Christmas Activities
Fun Christmas Activities

On the other hand, there are others who spend the night wondering what their invisible friend may like. However, when the time comes to deliver the presents everything is forgotten; and it is that the imagination that people have to make gifts is surprising.


They drink and drink and drink again … there are so classic Christmas carols that age does not matter, everyone knows them. One of the best plans for the holidays is to sing your favorite jingles to shout, and is there something more Christmas than that?

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If you end up being deceived and your neighbors call your attention, you can invite them to a piece of nougat and I ‘m sure they end up making you the choruses of ‘Campana sobre campana’ or ‘Noche de Paz’.

8. Enjoy a Hot Chocolate

What better way to cope with the cold than with a good cup of hot cocoa? If you are tired of staying at home you can take the GPS and go out in search of the best chocolate in the city to have a good bowl accompanied by some churros or some truncheons.

Fun Christmas Activities
Fun Christmas Activities

However, if you are a chocolate master you can prepare your own hot cocoa at home, if you are a lucky one, drink it in front of the fireplace. The rest will have to settle for putting an image of a fire on the computer screen.

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9. Go Out and See the Decoration on the Streets

Surely your city is filled with impressive Christmas markets, gigantic trees full of lights and garlands that hang from one side of the street to the other.

An ideal plan for the holidays is to go for a walk and enjoy this decoration, which will surely inspire you to place the decorations of your home. Also, you may discover corners of your city that you have never seen before.

10. Romantic Escape

Planning a small trip with your partner is perfect for both of you away from the stress of the city that is breathed during these dates. It does not have to be an exotic trip, but you can take the car and spend a weekend in a rural house, enjoy a few days skiing or go to the beach to see the waves. If you prefer to travel with children there are also a lot of options that have Fun Christmas Activities guaranteed and with which to pass good times that you surely remember all your life.

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