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Best Funny Happy New Year SMS and Image 2020

Best Funny Happy New Year SMS and Image: Here you have a lot of short messages SMS Christmas selected to wish a happy 2020 differently. None exceeds 160 characters. a country with more than 40 million inhabitants, it is estimated that between Christmas Eve and New Year 200 million Christmas SMS will be sent, a business for the operators. • However, the record of short Christmas messages by a number of inhabitants is recorded by the state of Switzerland.

Best Funny Happy New Year SMS and Image 2020

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“Where are you? We are looking for you! You have to come back urgently, you are too important and besides … you know very well that you can not make the nativity scene without the donkey!”

“Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You just received a distance hug. Happy New Year!”

“Celebrate with champagne and your year will be great. With grapes and good wine, your year will be divine. But if you want a stellar year do not forget to foll …”

“If this night they put you in a bag does not fear! Is that this year I have asked for kings! Happy 2020!”

“I hope the fleas of a thousand Egyptian camels infect the ass of anyone who tries to fuck you in 2020 and that his arms are so short that he can not scratch himself. Happy New Year.”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“Felisa, I’m dying! What do you say? FELISA I DIE! Do not play the fool and put your dentures on. HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

“Congratulations nestle K communicates you have been the winner of the weight of your penis in chocolate … shortly you will receive your Lacasito HAPPY 2020”

“At this time I wanted to send you something funny … incredible … tender … sexy … sweet and very entertaining. But I’m sorry, I did not enter the screen. The HAPPY YEAR 2020”

“Happy New Year! I hope that your routine becomes a surprise, the anger in smiles and the sadness in hopes. your flag is love and your language kisses”

“You never lack a dream to fight for, a project to do, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Merry Christmas and Happy 2020”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“When it hurts to look back and be afraid to look forward, look to the left or right and there I will be by your side. Happy 2020!”

“For Christmas: happiness, for New Year: prosperity, and forever: our friendship”

“That in these holidays, the magic is your best suit, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destiny and your happiness my best wish! HAPPY 2020”

“Close your eyes and think about how your life was your life, your friends, your family … because of all that I wish you for this new year. HAPPY 2020!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“This year I’m sure I’m the first to congratulate you on the new year: Happy 2020!”

“For the year that comes, I wish you two things: everything and nothing, everything that can make you happy and nothing that can make you unhappy.”

“Do not expect me to forget you, or forget that I wait for you … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

“I wanted to send something super special for this Christmas, but I had a problem … How do you wrap a hug and a kiss?”

“May 2020 bring you everything you are looking for and be 2020 times better than the past. Happy New Year!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“May this new year find happiness, health, love, money, peace and everything you need. And what you can not find in Google;)”

“Sing with me: bell on bell … very good! Now pay 3 dollars for happy 2020 !!!!”

“Warning to the whole population: the simulation of Peace and Love has ended. Keep the prawns, insult their brothers-in-law and dissolve”

“I hope that this new year you will learn how to use the mobile phone as a genius. Happy 2020!”

“A bottle of cava: 30E. A New Year’s Eve cocktail party: 60E. A party dress: 120E. That I congratulate you the year is priceless! HAPPY 2020 !!!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“The police are looking for a beautiful, sexy, charismatic and incredibly good person in bed. You, of course, are safe, but I … Where do I hide? Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

“The wealth of man is his friends. THANK YOU for being part of my fortune. Happy 2020”

“I wish you are a good magician for 2020 that with a good wand and many magical powders will make your life very happy Happy New Year!”

“I wish you 65 days of love, 129 days of luck and 171 days of happiness! The happy new year 2020!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“With the crisis, you have to save on the phone, so I wish you a happy birthday, a happy birthday. If you get bad, you get better; Good Easter; if you go to the Fair, what a lot of dancing; that you take good color on the beach, and just in case, happy 2020 !.”

“Tonight there will be a star that will shine brighter than the others. In it, I put all my wishes for 2020, make it shine all year”

“Today I have entered 365 days of good luck, joy, and happiness in your account number 2020. Enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR”

“Friends are like the radars of the Civil Guard, although you do not see them are always there. Happy 2020!”

“When God made the distribution of skills, he gave me the choice between loving my friends and having a good memory, so Happy Easter and Happy 1824”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“When a dream is fulfilled, a goblin smiles. That is 2020 your pixie smiled eternally. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

“This year the Kings have behaved like never before, they say that I can continue counting on your friendship”

“Remember that the only ones who drink and drink and drink again are the fish in the river, but you and I are taken points from the card. Happy 2020”

“For 2020 that pass through your house Paz, hope, and Consuelo, and you fuck them at three … Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

“Merry Christmas! I know it’s too soon but I know so many rich, beautiful and sexy people that I start with the poor, the unfortunate, the slutty, the alcoholic and the degenerate. Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“Happy 2020 and I fuck you in the ass … What, that does not rhyme ?? Well, I’m fucking your cousin !!”

“Original, unique and personalized message number 0375A: Happy Two Thousand Nineteen”

“If on the Twelfth Night you see Gaspar getting naked and getting into your bed, explain to him that what you asked for was a Volvo … Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

“Do you like to be sober, to be rubbed, to make you sweat? To feel the breath, to get to the bottom, to go up, to go down …? Well, in 2020 … Use the bus. Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

“May the rain of Happiness catch you with the broken umbrella. I will soak and splash all those around you. Happy 2020!”

“Free astral prediction for 2020: LUCK-> The stars smile at you. HEALTH-> The stars smile at you. SEXUAL ACTIVITY-> The stars are hilarious. Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

Funny Happy New Year SMS

“This year I am sure that I am the first to congratulate you on the new year: Happy 2020! “

“Let the little pixie of Christmas draw a smile in every corner of your home, and if you do not do it, you will give it a well-given wafer, for one thing, you ask for a year … Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

“Message to Leonor: the kings are the grandparents … Merry Christmas and New Year 2020!”

I have a problem … The police are looking for a very sexy, beautiful person who has a perfect body. I know you’re safe, but I, where can I hide? Happy 2020!”



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