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New Year Unique Handmade Gift Ideas of 2020

New Year Unique Handmade Gift Ideas: Every year we want to give a gift to our loved ones Whom we love most but our head is break thinking about. The good thing is that sometimes they tell us what they want but it does not always happen.

Best 15 New Year Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

we believe that handmade gifts are especially beautiful, that’s why we offer you 15 gift ideas that are not only beautiful but also useful.

Cup Holder

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

The cup holder is a gift that will definitely not be powdered on a shelf. You can make them with a  support for hot dishes made of cork, you just have to cut it correctly and add color. Or you can use the cutting board with letters of board games, invent words and go ahead!

Photographic Gift

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

You can give away just a couple of photos, but in what way! Making a  photo puzzle or a box with the warmest memories is not as difficult as it seems.

Special Candle Holder

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

Candles like these create a festive atmosphere that you want to share with everyone. And, above all, you do not have to spend much time in its preparation.

Cozy Blanket

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

There is nothing better for cool afternoons than a large, warm blanket. You can weave it without needles, only with your hands. Look how to do it here.

Gloves That Will Become Your Favorites

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

To make gloves like these you do not necessarily have to finish sewing courses. But how warm, literal and metaphorical, you will give to your loved one! The step-by-step instructions here and here.

Cups to Create a Festive Atmosphere

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

The white cups leave a lot of space for the imagination. Simply choose the color and style that you like best: colorful glitterlaconic colors or cute drawings.

Game for Hot Chocolate

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

A  simple but very tasty gift: all the ingredients to prepare a hot chocolate. Marshmallows, waffles, caramel and, of course, chocolate; how much more, better. Choose unusual containers, for example, a tree sphere.

Portrait in Watercolors

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

This trick will help create festive portraits in a matter of minutes, and you should not have artistic talent. This gift will be remembered!

Mirror Box

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

There will always be what to keep in small boxes like this, and more if it is so nice. Look here how to do it.

Bath Pumps

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

It turns out that they are very easy to make, you just need to arm yourself with the necessary ingredients.

Hand Cream

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

A gift that everyone will like. This home remedy moisturizes and protects the skin of the hands from the cold.

Body Scrub

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

If there are gifts that are very easy to make, it is the body scrub. The content can vary, so with all the confidence combines ingredients, such as, for example, this exfoliant with an aroma of lime, watermelon, and raspberry or this lavender and tea.

Unusual Agenda

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

If you do not know what to give, give an agenda. It is very useful for most people and they can start using it right at the beginning of the year. Choose the simplest agenda in the store and decorate it with ribbonscolorspaint or embroidery.

Calendar for the New Year

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

Use the photos of the social networks of the person to whom you will give the gift and make a  calendar for the year that begins. It is impossible that he is not moved!

Candy Game

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas

And, of course, a set of candy in a huge jar or basket; Who would not like a gift like this? You can experiment with its content, sure that coffee or tea will also please your loved ones.


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