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The Most Intelligent Birds in the World Might Not Be What You Expect

The Most Intelligent Birds in the World. A macaw can be as smart as a macaque. Surprised? We show it to you with scientific arguments in hand.

A study carried out by a team of scientists, led by brain anatomist Suzana Herculano-Houzel and published in 2016 in PNAS, concluded that the brains of birds, especially songbirds and parrots, have a greater number of neurons in the brain. the pallium, the area of the brain that contains superior cognitive abilities, such as making plans or finding patterns. Well, the brain of the macaw, despite being more than small that of the macaque, has more neurons in this area associated with intelligent behavior. It is surprising, but even the common pigeons accumulate more neurons in their forebrain.

In matters of intelligence, not everything is to have a big brain

“When designing brains, ” said Suzana Herculano-Houzel  to Vox people, “nature has two parameters that can play. The size and number of neurons and distribution along the various nuclei in birds have found that nature uses both. ”

In addition, this study questioned what hitherto neuroanatomists had defended tooth and nail: that to have longer neurons bigger brains were required that allowed connections between distant areas. However, defends another way of adding neurons, the way that the brains of birds do, that is, keeping most of them connected locally and only letting grow a small percentage of neurons so that they take care of the longer connections.

These arguments serve to explain the fact that birds with a brain as small as parrots and crows are able to solve problems, manufacture and use tools to achieve a specific purpose. In addition, primates can develop larger brains but birds find that they need to weigh a little to fly, a very large head would not be practical at all.

The Most Intelligent Birds in the World

Here we tell you which are the smartest birds in the world. Ojito with them … they will surprise you.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


The “birds of love”, so called because they need to live as a couple, are able to learn and repeat sounds, including short words. They can also emit whistles by imitation.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


Researchers from the University of Iowa discovered that pigeons are able to categorize objects by carrying out a mental operation very similar to that performed by children when they learn words.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


There is a very curious anecdote about this bird and that in the United Kingdom, at the time when the milk was distributed around the houses, the tits learned to identify these bottles by the color of the cap and fed on them.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


Research conducted by a team of Canadian scientists and published in Current Biology showed that the brain of hummingbirds is different from that of other birds. In addition, to move in all directions, scientists say that you need a great brain capacity.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


This bird is able to recognize itself in front of a mirror. In one experiment, researchers placed colored stickers in the throat of several magpies in front of a mirror. Well, looking at themselves in the mirror, the birds tried to get rid of the stickers. They recognized his reflection!

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


The cormorants accompany the Chinese fishermen, who give them the eighth fish of those who manage to catch as a prize (the eye that they are even able to dive to catch fish). These birds can count to eight and refuse to continue collaborating with fishing once they get their reward by fishing for their own benefit.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


Macaws are able to repeat words when they reach their seventh month of life and a year can more or less understand what is being said. Throughout their lives, they can treasure a vocabulary of 30 words.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


The crow, without specifying the area where it lives, is a very intelligent bird. He is able to memorize, reason, solve problems logically, build tools and even distinguish and remember other ravens and even people. A study published in PLOS ONE concluded that these birds were capable of solving the same puzzle that would solve an 8-year-old child.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


A study conducted by scientists from the University of Oxford, Vienna and the Max Planck Institute in Germany and published in PLOS ONE, showed that cockatoos can solve a problem in order to obtain a reward, innovate in this process, have the patience to achieve your goal and even learn from each other.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World

Gray parrot

The gray parrot Alex was the subject of scientific study in the Avian Learning Experiment, in which he showed that his kind could decide at a basic level which words to use and use frequently used words in a conscious and creative way. Alex learned a whopping 150 words and made it clear to the scientific community that parrots do not just use words by imitation.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World

New Caledonian crow

The New Caledonian Crow is well known for his intellectual prowess. Some time ago one was recorded that looked for the way to split nuts to eat them. First, it occurred to them to throw them from a lot of height against a hard floor, it did not work. Then he threw them near moving cars so they could crush them with wheels. Finally, he tried to approach a pedestrian crossing, waited for the light to turn red and placed the nut next to the wheel of a car. Then I just had to go eat it when the disc went back to red.

Most Intelligent Birds in the World


The kea (Nestor notabilis) is a large green parrot, considered the most intelligent bird in the world. It comes from the South Island, in New Zealand and gets its name from the sound it emits when it flies. The kea is able to use objects of nature to get food, to solve problems after a previous analysis of the environment and to act in a group to achieve what is proposed.


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