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Matthew McConaughey Auditioned for Leonardo Dicaprio’s Part in Titanic

Matthew McConaughey Auditioned for Leonardo Dicaprio’s Part in Titanic. More than you think if we ignore what the actor just confessed that was about to take the paper.

Matthew McConaughey Auditioned for Leonardo Dicaprio’s Part

Few hobbies come to us more fun than imagining what the big blockbusters of the cinema would have been like if, instead of the actors who achieved the leading role, others were chosen in the casting process.

For example, if Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt had accepted Ang Lee’s proposal to give life to the two cowboys who love Brokeback Mountain, would they have made us cry as much as Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal did?

What’s more, would Oscar La La Land have won if Emma Watson had not rejected the role that enlightened Emma Stone? What would become of us if Tiffany Amber Thiessen had defeated Jennifer Aniston at the auditions for the role of Rachel Green in Friends? We will never know. And almost better not to do it.

But of all these alternate realities that fortunately only exist in our imagination, the one that most disturbs us is one that we have just met and that would have forever changed the history of cinema as we know it: Matthew McConaughey was very close to being the protagonist of Titanic.

This has just confirmed the actor himself during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he says that before they announced that Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen, he was convinced that the role of Jack

“I auditioned because I wanted to be in that movie as it was,” says McConaughey, who is 1997 was the spoiled child of the industry, who sold him as the new Paul Newman after starring with Sandra Bullock the thriller Time to Kill, based in a novel by John Grisham.

“I got to do a test with Kate Winslet, one that worked out very well for me. So much so that when I went home I did it convinced that the paper was for me. But it did not happen, they never offered it to me. And as I said before, I’m not kidding, if someday I find out they made that offer and no one gave it to me, I’ll have to go back to the agency that represented me then to tell them that the agent who negotiated my career was with me urgently in an alley. “

The question is … would McCounaghey have achieved the Oscar nomination that Leonardo did not get? There we left the question.


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