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Top Curiosity News at This Week, November 02, 2018

Do not miss the Top Curiosity News, unusual and tender news of the networkHere we leave you the best five!

# 1 The Adorable Gesture of a Child Towards a Stranger

Joseph Tidd from Orlando in Florida, USA UU., Reacted in a lovely way after meeting someone like him. He approached and embraced a 34-year-old woman who shared a congenital illness.

When he started walking towards me, I melted into a million pieces, “said Amy Alamillo Siesel. “At that moment it became clear at his young age that he and I shared something.”
Watch the video here:

# 2 Perrita Becomes the Mother of Abandoned Kittens After a Car Accident

Eve broke her front legs when she was hit by a car in September. She was breastfeeding when the accident happened. However, the rescuers could not locate their puppies.

Top Curiosity News

Meanwhile, the shelter was struggling to keep two litters of abandoned kittens alive, so they decided that Eva would become her adoptive mother. Since then they have become inseparable. On the other hand, Cassie’s Place, the Texas rescue center, is trying to raise funds to help cover the costs associated with your medical care.

# 3 the Simple Act of Kindness of a Man Towards a Mother in Need

Natasha Wilson was waiting for her turn in a doctor’s office with other patients when a mother with her sleeping baby in her arms entered. According to Natasha’s publication, the mother had to fill out some forms, but she did not want to wake up her son.

Then, a man who was seeing that the mother was looking for a way to do it without disturbing her baby, came over and asked if she would like him to hold it so that she could fill out the documents that had been requested.

The mother agreed with great pleasure and gratitude, and the man sat next to her, with the baby still in his arms. At that time, Natasha was moved and decided to take a photograph to share that small gesture of kindness that had witnessed.

# 4 Doctors recover a spoon from the man’s esophagus, A year after he swallowed it

An unusual medical case was uncovered in the Chinese city of Xinjiang when “Zhang” went to a hospital due to severe chest pains. After an x-ray was done, the doctors discovered that he had a spoon stuck in the area of the esophagus. The 26-year-old patient who, after being consulted by the doctors on duty, recalled that it was all about a bet he had made drunk with friends a year ago.

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At that time, he said that “he would be able to swallow a spoon” and he did it without the major problem. But the bet was also to remove it from his body with a rope, but this did not go well. In a statement, from the hospital said that the young man had not attended before for treatment since in his words, had not experienced any problems.

Through a manual process, the doctors managed to remove the object via mouth without the need for surgical intervention. From the medical center, they added that Zhang is in good condition and will be discharged in three more days.

# 5 Jump Rope More Than 150,000 Times in 24 Hours

Hijiki Ikuyama has entered the Guinness Book of Records after jumping rope more than 151,409 times in 24 hours. The 36-year-old Japanese has other Guinness World Record titles to his name but says that this was the most important challenge of his life.

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