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New Year Party Ideas – Best Theme Party Ideas 2020

New Year Party Ideas: New Year’s Eve is not a night with friends like the others. This night when we enter a new year, in general, it asks for more preparation, organization, and creativity than the traditional parties that you take with your friends.

The parties of December 31 are for the most unforgettable. Who does not remember the party of the last new year when they found in the morning the drunk friend sleeping in the dog bed.

To make this new year an unforgettable party, we give you ideas of new year party themes to enter the new year with a good attitude.

New Year Party Ideas: Find the Ideal Theme Party

To make your New Year’s night more original, funny and unforgettable, give your party a theme. This theme will allow you to customize all the elements of your new year’s party: decoration, dinner, music, and costumes.

Then, we propose some ideas of perfect themes to make your party perfect and unforgettable this year.

An Original and Delirious New Year’s Party

Famous Hollywood New Year Party

Are you a movie fan? Do you spend all your weekends at the Cinemex of your town? Do you think of an acting career? This year-end party theme is perfect for you. You and your friends are going to be the stars of the night.

New Year Party Ideas

We advise you to choose a movie theme: horror, science fiction, action, adventure, western, comedy, … to have a bit of cohesion between the costumes. In addition, choosing a theme will give you more ideas to customize the decoration of your home and dinner. Surely you and your friends will remember this end of the year!

Super Heroes New Year party

Last night of the year to change the world, fight against injustice, and test your resistance to alcohol. It is also the occasion for men to grow abdominals and pecs thanks to the costumes of Superman or Batman. For women, it is the occasion to take off the skirts and bustiers to be superheroines and drive the men of the party crazy.

New Year Party Ideas
Super Heroes

To animate this party, we propose you to take a Blind Test of the music of movies or series dedicated to the superheroes. The losing team has an interdiction during the first week of the new year to say no to a service that one of the members of the winning team asks for.

New Year Party Fluorescent Light

Prepare to be the brightest person in Mexico during the last night of the year!

To take a fluorescent party, you need 2 ingredients: lights of néones and clothes or fluorescent painting
Renting Neones for the night will cost you 900 $. You can find fluorescent paint and crayons in Mercado Libre between $ 50 and $ 100.

New Year Party Ideas
Fluorescent Light Party

For clothes, we advise you to wear a white shirt and fluor colors for pants. For decoration, you can buy phosphorescent fabric and paste it on the walls of your house.

Now that you have the clear material, you can turn on the speakers and shake the walls of the house with your favorite electro music.

Bad Test (Funny) New Year Party

If you want to laugh all night and start the new year with a smile, this party theme will be perfect for you.

Invite your friends to dress up in their most dumb and ugly costumes: take out the clothes of your 80’s potatoes, dress up as a baby, hamburger, tampon, condom, geek, …

New Year Party Ideas
Bad Test (Funny) Costume

We guarantee you a 100% funny night. Do not forget your camera to immortalize this magical moment.

An Elegant New Year Party

“Black and White” New Year party

A great classic that continues to be fashionable every year. Always simple to organize, a new year party «black and white» always brings a chic atmosphere to your party. To personalize your party, we propose these options:

  • Option 1: ask men to dress in white and women in black
  • Option 2: Ask the guests to dress in black top and white pants.

New Year Party Ideas

For decoration, candles, gold-colored plastic cups, and metallic pearls transformed their living room into a reception room of a large hotel. Next year, you can pretend to have had the most elegant party in Mexico at the end of the year.

“20s” New Year party

Invite your friends to return to the 20s when elegance was born. Women will like this end of the year party theme because the costumes have Charleston skirts, ribbons, feathers in their hair and long pearl necklaces. Men can dress in elegant suits with a simple tie or a bow tie. Do not forget the last detail: the silk scarf in the pocket of the bag.

New Year Party Ideas

A Nostalgic New Year’s party

“Hippie” New Year party

You would have liked to meet Led Zeppelin or Nirvana. Organizing a Hippie party is what you need to celebrate the New Year.
A party on the hippie theme offers many possibilities for music, costumes, and decoration. But sure that any chosen option will satisfy your guests and be remembered tonight.

New Year Party Ideas
To relive the hippie era at your party again, ask your friends to dress in natural and lightweight fabrics of various colors. We recommend these accessories to complete the theme: ribbons, rings, and sunglasses.

For decoration, place colored tablecloths in your living room, and decorate the floor with peace symbols and flowers.

“80s” New year party

One of the best times in recent history is the 80s, a time when rock style and shoulder pads were imposed with great force. Follow our tips to get an authentic and unforgettable new year party.

To make a suitable costume for a party of the 80s you can choose two styles:

  • Punk-rock style: tutu skirts combined with leggings of strident colors, half-torn tees, and fluorine colors. The clothes that the youngest Madonna wore in her films and concerts is the one that would most define this breakthrough style of the eighties
  • Aerobics style: this time was also the decade of aerobics, so you can equip yourself with a fluorine-colored jersey, warmers, leggings and a hair band. Totally eighties!

New Year Party Ideas

For decoration,  the fluorine tones were the kings of these years, so we recommend you to make different balloons of these colors and put them around the room. You can also choose to add colorful garlands on the ceiling for a more festive touch.

A very original point that you can add to your celebration is to hang on the walls elements that remind those years: posters of films like ET, Flashdance, Back to the future, … You can also choose to hang vinyl of the artists of that time as Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie or The Police.

We hope these tips will allow you to have a nice new year party. Do not hesitate to share your tips or anecdotes about your New Year’s party.

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